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Day trip to Lepakshi from Bangalore – An architectural marvel

Lepakshi Temple

Day trip to Lepakshi is must if you are in or around Bangalore (Bengaluru). We are big road trip fans and one weekend we impromptu decided to go to this architectural marvel. We researched about this place and was fascinated by its beauty and history both. Lepakshi, a charming village situated in the southern state

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Poovar Photo Blog – Landscape Photographers Paradise


By now, you all must be knowing that we love exploring offbeat places and less touristy destinations. We yet again explored one of such beautiful destination located in the state of Kerala – Poovar. Poovar is a beautiful village involved by a lovely beach on one side and the backwaters on the other and is

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Want to Feel Alive? Take a Trip to India

Taj Mahal, India

Undoubtedly, a trip to India is a life-changing journey full of various experiences and a myriad of attractions. The exhilarating sojourn to the land of diversity beguiles with its cultures, food, hospitality, places, festivals, people and what not!  From traveling on the luxury trains in India to sneak peek into the glorious past of the

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Gangtok: An Ultimate Handy Travel Guide

Gangtok: An Ultimate Handy Travel Guide “Gangtok” – this famous secluded, the capital city of the Sikkim state in India is one marvelous place to visit for each wanderer. We visited Gangtok back in 2011, but the memories are still refresh and we are yet not out of it. Snuggled between the borders of Nepal

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10 Best Monsoon Destinations of India

Are you a fan of the rains? Monsoon is probably one of the best seasons ever because of how beautiful God’s world seems to be! Visiting these Monsoon destinations in India are surely a lifetime experience as the exotic locations leave you spellbound with its beauty. The hills and mountains get carpeted with lush greenery,

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4 Reasons to take Weekend Getaway to HariHareshwar

Sun kissed beaches, swaying palm trees and thatched roofs to make an awesome landscape. Dash of history and spicy seafood builds up the glory, such is this tranquil town of Harihareshwar. Home to some beautiful beaches and temples, this place is also known as Dakshin Kashi by its importance in the spiritual arena of India,

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12 Incredible Offbeat Places to Visit around Dharamshala

Ever imagined yourself waking up to fascinating views of Himalayas. Ever imagined yourself sipping a hot coffee sitting by the window in windy weather admiring the beauty of nature. With the Dhauladhar ranges and thick deodar forests in the background, Dharamshala is a one of such scenic and panoramic hill station in Himachal Pradesh State

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How to spend 3 days in Gokarna – The untouched paradise

Goa being too popular, Andamans being ticked off the bucket list already and Lakshadweep being super expensive, we were looking for super & budgeted beach holiday. With its unspoiled beaches and spectacular landscapes, Gokarna is one breathtaking piece of heaven in Karnataka for beach hippies like us. With its land of palm trees, blue seas

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When you travel, you love to collect souvenirs, when we travel, we prefer to collect gorgeous images. Images that will work like a time machine freezing our memories from that journey. Images that we could look back anytime and enjoy them for years later. Images for us are the best souvenirs from the trip we

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Experience the “Venice of East” with us – A Photo ride to Udaipur

Firmly known as “The Venice of East”, “The City of Lakes” and “The Capital of Rajput Kingdom in Mewar” – Udaipur is a true fairytale city with its palaces, narrow streets, rooftop cafes, crystal museum, and Lakes. Four years back, we fell in love with this romantic city and everything it has to offer. Situated

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