10 Days in Terrific Turkey – A Perfect Itinerary for first timers.

Turkey itinerary

As passionate travelers, we always try to find unique places to visit on a holiday and Turkey was our first choice when we were planning for a trip . Our 10 days trip in Terrific Turkey was exquisite from its unique landscape of Cappadocia to the city where two continents meet to the ancient ruins

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5 Travel hacks for surviving a long flight

Surviving long flight

It’s thought there are more than 100,000 commercial flights a day, and that a massive £1 trillion is spent on business travel every year. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, it can be a much better experience if you do some research beforehand.  Here are five business travel hacks for surviving a long

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All you need to know about traveling to Tibet on budget

Tibet Travel

In recent years, Tibet has become one of the most sought-after destinations for both adventurers and those seeking peace and purity of mind. Tibet has a lot to offer, there are attractions for everyone, and anyone who has visited this unique country has an amazing experience. For many people, traveling to Tibet is on their

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How to Save Money on Hotels for your upcoming vacation.

If you are like one of us who doesn’t like opting for hostels, then chances are that you may end up spending quite a few bucks on hotel rooms. Travelling to a new destination always involves spending money on accommodation / lodging which could take your budget mark higher. For us, traveling with Baby J

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Best Road Trips that you must take in India

Best Road trips in india

There are so many wonderful bucket list road trips in india that you must take once in your life time. So,Are you one of those who prefer to drive & enjoy the scenic roads to your holiday destination? Awesome, then go on reading the below post. It doesn’t really matter what you do or how

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Excellent Reasons Why You Should Visit Russia

When it comes to Russia, there is a lot of propaganda about the country in the mainstream media in the West, and a lot of it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Put politics to one side and visit a country that is rich in both history and culture and has many

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How to plan budget for your upcoming trip

How to plan budget for your travels

Being passionate travelers, it is always not easy to hop on a plane and go wherever we wish to. Traveling is a great way to clear your mind and find memorable experiences. However, Travel can be expensive sometimes and require saving up and budget our costs ahead of time, so that it is not heavier

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5 Reasons to stay in Holiday Inn Express in Hyderabad .

Holiday inn express Reception area

Hyderabad, also known as “ The city of Nawabs” is culturally a rich capital of state Telangana, India. The city has its own way to influence you with tales about its heritage and an ancient culture with its own idiosyncratic twist. Hyderabad, the city is embellished with royal architectural installations that proudly showcases the Nawabi

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Singapore Tourist Visa from Bangalore for Indians

Singapore itinerary

How we wish each country that we wanted to visit had visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. Unfortunately, doesn’t work in real life. Singapore is not a part of VOA countries for Indian passport holders and getting a Visa from Bangalore is little tricky as unlike a lot of other countries who have registered agencies like VFS

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Things to Do In Sentosa – Free & Paid attractions

Sentosa island, Singapore

Sentosa, the man made island is the best place to have fun in Singapore. Travelers of all ages are spoilt of choice in terms of what to do. You can enjoy roller coasters, Aquariums, Beach walks, nature trails, adventures all at one place i.e. at Sentosa Island. With so many interesting things to do in

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