Train Travel during COVID-19 in India- All you need to know

Train travel during covid-19 india needs a lot of readiness than usual, especially on a journey for one day or more on the train. Earlier, Train travel has always left us with bitter and sweet memories. The true essence of traveling comes with companionship, but if you are a solo traveler in India; you need

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Top 8 COVID Free Countries to Travel

This pandemic has certainly changed the way we use to travel, Carefree & Spot on ! Now Travel will require utmost care & safety measures. Many avid travellers like us, across cities & countries were left in the wobble when their annual holiday plans were rudely interrupted by the nearly three-month travel ban. But now,

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10 Reasons to visit Sharjah – The Pearl of Gulf


It is difficult to list down all the reasons to visit Sharjah in one post however, we have listed some of the major ones which will definetly make you think about it as “must visit” travel destination. UAE, especially Dubai is known for its flashy tall buildings, luxurious resorts, shop-till-you-drop malls, and other ambitious projects.

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A Complete Guide to Madhya Pradesh Caravan Tours

Madhya Pradesh Caravan tours are unique in itself. Caravan Tourism is a revolution in the tourism industry in India. Recently, Madhya Pradesh has introduced Caravan tourism to attract travelers from across the globe to fly to this place and witness the beautiful places with comfort and luxury. The transport initiative will allow travelers to have

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Hotel Review -Lake Nahargarh Palace,Chittorgarh

juSTa Lake Nahargarh Palace

Celebrating anniversaries at our most fav destinations is one norm that we follow every year . And, for our 9th Anniversary, Vic decided to take me for a Vacation to Rajasthan to experience a stay at a royal palace hotel – Lake Nahargarh Palace,Chittorgarh. The name Rajasthan literally translates to “land of the kings”, and

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Red Tour of Cappadocia – What to Expect

Red Tour of Cappadocia is fairly famous and most taken tour in Cappadocia. When visiting Cappadocia, there are three tours, including red, blue, and green tours. The Red and Green Tours are the most popular of the three. They essentially are referring to the regions of Cappadocia you’ll be exploring. The “Red Tour” is the

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New Airline Rules for Domestic Travel in India

A novel method of air travel is coming to fruition. After about two months of flights being grounded, the legislature has now permitted carriers to continue their services. Be that as it may, but there will be limitations and new airline rules for domestic travel. Some of the changes include flights running at only 33%

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Best Homestays in Chikmagalur for your perfect staycation

If you are looking for those best homestays in chikmagalur , we got you the list of perfect staycation in this post. Chikmagalur is a popular weekend vacation spot located in the Western region of Karnataka. The place is encircled by some of the most alluring waterfalls, majestic mountains, dense and green forests, and many

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13 Things to do in Goa beyond Beaches

Goa things to do

There are tons of Things to do in Goa beyond beaches. But,What is that first thing that comes to your mind when we think of the word ‘Goa’? Getting sun-kissed on the beaches and playing water sports in Goa is one of the most cliché things that everyone does. While a lot of people have

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8 Websites to Book Cheap Flights tickets

How to book cheap flights

Dreaming of that big fat vacation but holding upon yourself because flights are costlier than the budget you thought . We have listed Top 8 Websites to book cheap flight tickets for your dream vacation. Booking tickets online is one of the most feasible options nowadays. You also enjoy several discounts on a ticket, making

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