Red Tour of Cappadocia – What to Expect

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Red Tour of Cappadocia is fairly famous and most taken tour in Cappadocia. When visiting Cappadocia, there are three tours, including red, blue, and green tours. The Red and Green Tours are the most popular of the three. They essentially are referring to the regions of Cappadocia you’ll be exploring. The “Red Tour” is the northern part of Cappadocia.

Red Valley cappadocia
Red Valley – Cappadocia

If you are about to book the red tour, you need to look after certain things.  If you’re curious to find out the places, itinerary, price, and other stuff related to the red tour, then you’ve landed at the right place. Herein, all the details related to the red tour Cappadocia review will also be discussed. 

This will be an amazing journey wherein you’ll get to see the culture and places of Cappadocia. The entire Red Tour will last for 7 hours.

What is the Pricing Package for the Red Tour?

If you’re searching for the red tour Cappadocia price, then different companies may charge you a different price. If you want to have a rough estimation of the price for the red tour, then you might have to pay 40 Euros for it.

How to book Red tour in Cappadocia?

There are several companies who take you on Red and Green tours in Cappadocia. Ideal things would be to check with your hotel to book the tours for you as per your itinerary.

Most daily Cappadocia Red Tours, you will be picked up in the morning around 09.00 – 09.30 am and tours will start around 10 am, which may vary depending on the agency. Pick up, transportation during the day, professional guiding, entrances and lunch are usually included in the price (drinks not included).

Explore the itinerary of Red Tour Cappadocia :

Thinking about the places to see in red tour Cappadocia? If so, then you’ll be curious to know about it from this post. In every company’s tour, there might be some variations in the places which will be covered in your red tour Cappadocia itinerary.

But some of the common places which will be present in almost every company’s itinerary in this tour are discussed-below.

Uchisar Castle

Uchisar Castle , Cappadocia

Want to explore the highest point while visiting Cappadocia? This can be an exciting thing and can be achieved by exploring the beautiful Uchisar Panorama. With the eye-catching view of the place, you’ll be left mesmerized, exploring the panorama.

Red Tour uchisar castle

All the photographers can get the best surroundings covered with stone-carved dwellings shots. History has taught us that Uchisar Castle was always the main point of defense for the Cappadocia region. As you climb top to the castle, you will be rewarded with the most magnificent, panoramic view of the surrounding towns and endless magical fairy chimneys.

Entrance Fee: 8 Turkish Lira.

Goreme Open Air Museum

Goreme Open air musuem

Are you a museum lover? If so, then it is a must-to-visit place when you come to Cappadocia. In your entire day travel, you’ll be stunned after exploring this place. Once, the museum was known as the “Byzantine Monastic Settlement,” which had given land for housing purposes to about 20 monks. In the museum, the exquisite beauty of rock-cut shape churches, monasteries, and chapels are stunning to see and will leave a memorable impact upon your eyes.

Things to do in cappadocia

In the Goreme Open Air Museum, most churches are from the periods of 10th, 11th, and 12th centuries. That sounds so amazing and historic! Correct? If you want to explore Cappadocia’s most-traveled places, then it is one of them.

The Goreme OpenAir Museum is one of the more expensive attractions in Cappadocia at 40 Turkish Lyra for entry, which is about $8 USD.

In the museum, the main highlight is the Dark Church, which costs an additional fee of 10 Lira for entering it. Curious to know the reason why the church is named the Dark Church? If so, then continue reading to get your answer. The church got its name as the dark church because it doesn’t have many windows letting the sunlight inside the church. In the church, you’ll find amazing frescoes. But when you’re inside the church, you won’t be allowed to take any photographs.

Cavusin Old Cave Village

Cavusin Old Cave Village
PC: Tripadvisor

Once you drove to the Cavusin Old Cave Village, you’ll love exploring the beauty over there. It is a great place where you can shout to your friends and start a race to climb the hill. It will be such an amazing thing. With a beautiful background, you can click some picturesque moments over there.

You’ll be mesmerized to explore the place. In the area of Cavusin, you can go into the Cave mosque, which is a rare site to found in Turkey. Hide in the old caves and get your friends to catch you. It will be fun to reach the hilltop and see the beautiful red valley view.

Entrance Fee: 8 Turkish Lira

Lunch Break

Lunch in cappadocia
PC: Top of Turkey

After visiting all the thrilling places, you can relax for lunchtime. It will be a great time when you stop to take lunch with the stunning views of the place. This trip won’t stop after lunch, and it will begin to make you more curious about other places located in Cappadocia.

It’s not the end, but you need to gain some energy to enjoy all the thrills exploring other eye-catching Cappadocia’s most-visited places. You can choose any Turkish dish and enjoy your meal. The Turkish desserts will be a special part which you’ll love.

Avanos – Pottery and Rug making demonstrations

Pottery making in cappadocia

Do you have an interest in watching the rug and pottery doing acts? If so, then this place is a wonderful site to explore. You’ll be amazed to see the beautiful rug and pottery making demonstrations at Avanos. Also, you get the best time of the tour, which is shopping time.

Best places to see in cappadocia

You can shop for some unique items which catch your attention. With the interesting demonstrations, it will be a fun-time for you. Once you return, you can show off to your friends about knowing the rug’s demonstrations. Though, consider knowing the price of rug-making here as it can be out of your budget.

Pasabag – Valley of Monks

pasabag, cappadocia

In Cappadocia, you won’t be able to find the fairest chimney options which you can easily get at Pasabag. This is a Monks Valley that attracts major tourist visitors. You can get the chimneys in twin as well as triple caps of rock. That sounds so amazing! With the fair chimneys, it is named as the mushroom-shaped chimneys available in Pasabag.

What to see in cappadocia

You’ll be lost wandering about these formations of rock seeing it. Also, you can see vendors available for food selling. If you love going for a camel ride, then you can enjoy the most interesting part of visiting Pasabag, which is camel riding.

Devrent Valley

Cappadocia tours

The Devrent Valley also has some other interesting names, which are pink valley and imaginary valley. Seeing the giant camel rocks at the Devrent valley, you’ll be left in surprise. You might never have heard about the camel rocks? Have you? If not, then you can get a clear view of it with your eyes only at the Devrent valley.

DEvrent valley

These rocks dominate the place, but other freaking formations of rock also look exquisite. Want to know what’s more exciting to visit the Devrent valley? It’s the seals, turtle, and Napolean’s hat, which can catch your attention. The couples dancing in the valley will give you a romantic feel about the place.

If you want to capture a memorable moment at the place, then there’s no restriction in clicking the pictures here. You can let the Camel rock be your background and take the picture in front of it. 

Love Valley

Love valley cappadocia

You can end your day by exploring the beautiful view of this place. This love valley is a great place to get peace. The place got its’ name as “love valley” due to the erect ash of the volcano, which came eroded. The beautiful rock formations can help you enjoy a picturesque moment here. The rock formations look similar to the penis erection.


So, Now, you have a complete guide for your reference. The Red tour Cappadocia is must to do and will make your trip planning much easier and you will surely not regret that ever!

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