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8 Websites to Book Cheap Flights tickets

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Dreaming of that big fat vacation but holding upon yourself because flights are costlier than the budget you thought . We have listed Top 8 Websites to book cheap flight tickets for your dream vacation. Booking tickets online is one of the most feasible options nowadays.

You also enjoy several discounts on a ticket, making it cheap and affordable. Earlier tickets use to take the significant chunk of your travel budgets, but thanks to the available number of useful websites for booking cheap flights.


Well, when it comes to choosing useful websites for cheap flights booking, people are often left confused. Many people tend to select the first website that comes on the search result. In this process, they tend to overlook the other cheaper options. So here we are going to give you one of the best hacks for cheap flights. People often overlook the importance of researching. It is always advisable to check two to three websites to book the cheapest flight.

These booking websites are also known as OTAs, i.e., Online Travel Agencies. The unpleasant truth is that no flight search engine can ensure the best price 100 percent of the time but using a mix of the right resources can help safeguard you’re not overpaying. Below mentioned is the list of top 8 Websites to refer to while booking a cheap flight.

1.Matrix -ITA

ITA matrix cheap flights

ITA Matrix, a search tool purchased by Google several years ago, is designed exclusively for searching. You can’t buy a ticket from them, although many websites do use the same technology to operate their own booking tools. Google bought the company in part to develop Google Flights, another great tool.

You can define multiple departing airports, set a flexible travel duration, or construct multi-stop routings in particular booking classes.

Advantage of ITA Matrix: As it is only a search engine, it provides incredible control over the parameters of your search. You can look for specific flight numbers, limit connections, and compare multiple airlines at once (or exclude them). 

Disadvantage of ITA Matrix: What it does give is a reasonable idea of routes available and expected prices, flight times, layover etc. However, It does not allow you to book tickets, or even have shortcuts to book tickets.

2. Expedia

Cheap flights to book
PC –

Established on 22 October 1996, Expedia is a great American meta-search engine and an online travel agency. This web portal is available on both websites and application formats. The portal offers the best-curated list of sites to book cheap flights. You can use the portal to book airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations, cruise ships, and vacation packages on Expedia. It is a top-notch online travel company all around the World.

Advantage of booking from Expedia: Expedia offers a reward program, which is a more feasible option for booking hotels, cars, activities, cruises, and packages.

Disadvantage of booking from Expedia: Expedia offers a limited ability for upgrades in many cases.

3. Travelocity

How to book cheap flights
PC: Travelocity

Travelocity is the third most popular online travel agency owned by the famous Expedia Group. Established in January 1996, Travelocity has more than 12.4 million unique visitors. It is the first website that offers the purchase of travel tickets online. You can also book hotel rooms, cruises, packaged vacations, and rental cars.

The site provides free cancellation of flight tickets 24 hours of booking on selected airlines. Travelocity rates each flight itinerary with a score on a scale of 10, which takes into account the duration, type of aircraft, and “quality of amenities” available onboard from “Very Good” to “Satisfactory” to “Fair.” 

Advantage of booking from Travelocity: Travelocity offers a price guarantee feature. According to this feature, if you find a lower price ticket on an identical flight within 24 hours, Travelocity will refund the price difference. You will also receive a 50 $ credit to use for a future booking.

Disadvantage of booking from Travelocity: On certain airlines, Travelocity charges booking fees.


skyscanner to book cheap flights
PC- CheapoAir

CheapOair was established in the year 2005. Based in New York City, CheapOair is a top 5 online travel agency of the United States of America. It is a subsidiary of Fareportal. The website is associated with more than 550 airlines and 200,000 hotels and hundreds of rental companies. You can book cheap tickets in a hassle-free manner from CheapOair.

CheapOair shows some “Super Saver Fares” for which you don’t find out the airline you’ll be flying until after you book—which means you also don’t find out what baggage fees apply until after you book. However, the savings might be worth it.

Advantage of booking from CheapOair: There is a 50 $ rebate on CheapOair credit card post 90 days of purchase of 500 $.

Disadvantage of booking from CheapOair: CheapOair charges a hefty booking fee on every airline along with a promise of the price match.

5. Skyscanner

cheap flights booking
PC: Skyscanner

Based in the Edinburgh region of Scotland, Skyscanner is one of the largest online travel agencies found in China. The group owns the portal. Skyscanner is a popular online travel agency and metasearch engine available in more than 30 languages. The website offers flights, hotels, trips, and car booking facilities.

You can refer to the price list briefly to book cheap flights. You can specify nonstop-flights-only right from the homepage, and there’s also a handy to search “everywhere” option if you don’t have a particular destination in mind as per your budget and want to see what’s available. Search results show the “best” option (based on a combination of price and speed) as well as the fastest and cheapest, and you can filter by airline, alliance, number of stops, and flight times. 

Advantage of booking from Skyscanner: Skyscanner offers a flexible research facility, quick price alerts, and multiple languages feature, making it a popular choice.

Disadvantage of booking from Skyscanner: The website has a standard interface. There is nothing about Skyscanner, which makes it unique.

6. Agoda

cheap flights and hotel bookings

Agoda is a Singapore based online travel agency owned by the Agoda Company Pte. Ltd. It was established in Thailand in the year 2003, i.e., 17 years ago. Agoda is the subsidiary of Booking Holdings. The website offers Hotels, Flights, Airport transfers, and Vacation Rentals Bookings.

The portal follows a merchant model, which makes it a profitable business. Most of the bookings are made via its android and iOS application. Grab mobile apps also enable booking from Agoda website.

Advantage of booking from Agoda: Agoda offers an easy to use interface with a multilingual option with a free cancellation facility within a day of booking.

Disadvantage of booking from Agoda: Agoda has a limited filtering option for booking flights.

7. Kayak

Kayak booking

The moment you search ‘How to book cheap flights,’ Kayak is the first listing that appears on the screen. Kayak is a popular metasearch engine, and a travel agency runs by Booking Holdings. Along with the OTA, the Booking Holdings also operates the travel search engines Checkfelix, Hotels Combined, Mundi and Swoodoo.

Kayak is a search engine that helps to search some good websites for cheap flights. Kayak compares prices from multiple sites at a single paper for its users to choose the most affordable option. Kayak has earned the award of the World’s leading flight comparison website award and World’s leading travel search website award in the year 2013 and 2011, respectively.

Advantage of booking from Kayak: Kayak offers a hacker fares facility, which is the best way to save money and book cheap flights. Also, it has a price tracker feature which gives information about the latest prices at different intervals.

Disadvantage of booking from Kayak: Kayak offers a large number of benefits while planning a trip, which makes the users confused and puzzled. There is a deal on almost every flight, which makes the web interface complicated to use.

8. Google Flights

Google flights
PC –

If you are looking to book cheap flight tickets online, then Google Flights is the best online flight booking service available. Google flights were started eight years ago in the year 2011. Being a top-notch search engine, Google flights offers the list of the prices provided by different website just in one search.

You can also view fares over various dates using the “Price Graph,” which shows you a bar graph that makes it easy to see when the lowest fares are available.Google flights offer quick purchase of flight tickets online via third party suppliers.

Advantages of booking Google Flights: Google Flights offer open-ended searches based on the destination instead of the websites.

Disadvantages of booking Google Flights: The search results obtained from Google flights are not always authentic as it takes time in updating the actual prices.

Summing Up

Refer to the article above to get some of the amazing tips to find cheap flights. Do not forget to check the ticket prices on three to four websites to book cheap flights.

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