Best Instagrammable Places in Mumbai

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After living 11 years in Mumbai, the idea of curating a list of best Instagrammable places in Mumbai struck my mind. Mumbai is sprinkled with quaint, artsy places that make the perfect backdrop for an awesome Insta feed. If you step out of the 9 to 5 zone of this bollywood city, you will be amazed by the beauty, serenity, calmness, and glow of this gorgeous city of Mumbai even in the endless chaos, chatter, banter, sounds of waves, honks, etc.

Like it is said, every image has a story. And for better or worse, here is the list of some of the best Instagrammable places in Mumbai mentioned below.

1. CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) Station:

Mumbai CST station

Like many people, I made my way into Mumbai via Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Did you know Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, aka CST, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

The best time to click a stunning picture is night. This architectural beauty from the British era looks like a golden beauty with yellow lights and moonlight showering on the building. So, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus would be the first place in the list of Instagram friendly places in Mumbai. 

2. The Gateway of India, Apollo Bunder

Gateway of India
PC_ Unsplash

It is the first place that comes to everyone’s mind as Gateway of India is a famous monument found in Mumbai. We have been learning this in our general knowledge books since grade 5. The Gateway of India looks ethereal during the rainy season.

For a perfect shot, all you need is to stand a few feet away and click. You can also make your pics more attractive by taking some reflection shots here .

3. Pink Trumpet, Eastern Express Highway (Vikhroli Stretch)

Instagrammable places in Mumbai
PC – Unsplash

The eastern suburbs of the Mumbai are worth a sight. The east express highway of Vikhroli has a long lane of Pink Trumpet flowers. These trees blossom from December to May. Since these trees are pretty low maintenance, they are available for a more extended period. This is a perfect spot for nature lovers who are looking for portrait photography places in Mumbai. 

4. Queen’s Necklace, Nariman Point

Marine Drive Mumbai
PC- Pixabay

Queen’s Necklace is one of the coolest Instagram friendly places in Mumbai. You can find people jogging, lovers on a roll, business people, tourists, friends spending fun time admiring the sea around the sea. You can spot kids running around blowing bubbles in the air, happy dogs here and there.

Don’t forget to enjoy kacchi Kari, moongphali, and a cutting chai. The place looks stunning during sunrise and sunset. You can get the ultimate feel of Mumbai admiring and capturing the twinkling city lights. 

5. Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Worli sea link
PC – Pixabay

Click a stunning picture of this greatest marvel best viewed from Bandra Fort, the astonishing sight called Bandra-Worli sea link. Sea Link connects old Mumbai with new city. This architectural marvel is clearly the center of attraction of Mumbai.

The iconic Mumbai bridge is a photographer’s delight. It can be captured from a variety of locations and changes colors and moods with the time of the day. The serene environment close to the sea makes an ideal Instagram friendly spot in Mumbai. 

6. Colaba Causeway

Shopping places in Mumbai
PC – Culture

Colaba Causeway is the best place to get the vibe of the cultural aspect of Mumbai. This is one of the best places in Mumbai to capture the transformation of Bombay to Mumbai. Stroll through different streets, peeking into old school Bombay, shop at old shops, meet and greet ancient street traders to understand the transformation better.

Hence, Colaba Causeway makes a quick way to the list of best Instagrammable places in Mumbai.

7. Love Mumbai, Bandra Reclamation.

Bandra Reclamation
PC- Pixabay

Bandra Reclamation is one of the fantastic aesthetic places in Bandra. Click some amazing pictures around the ‘Love Mumbai’ art installation. The installation is sitting at the promenade of the famous, Bandra reclamation overlooking the beautiful skyline. Make your visit to Mumbai authentic by visiting the most important place from the list of places to see in Mumbai. 

8. Asiatic Library, Fort

Mumbai Library
PC – Mumbai Tourism

An ideal place for Bollywood lovers, Asiatic Library, is a beautiful spot used in many movies either as a court, town hall, or a pre-wedding photoshoot destination. You will find many people making TikTok videos around one of the pillars.

This ancient town hall is renovated, and the place is restored very beautifully, making it one of the top Instagrammable places in Mumbai. To get a fantastic shot, visit this place early in the morning just around dawn to click a fascinating picture. 

9. Chor Bazaar, Kalbadevi

Chor Bazar Mumbai
PC- Culture Trip

‘Anything and everything’ is the tagline for Chor Bazaar in Mumbai. It is one of the biggest flea markets all over the globe. The place is filled with colors, characters, stories, and chapters.

Hence, Chor Bazaar at the Kalbadevi is worth a click, making its way to the list of best Instagrammable places in Mumbai.

10. The Homemade Cafe, Oshiwara

PC – Google

Are you a fan of risotto, and Banoffee Pies? Then, The Homemade Café is the pure delight for you. The café serves exclusive Continental and Italian dishes. Located in the Oshiwara region of Andheri West, The Homemade Café has stunning interiors inspired by Covent Garden’s in London.

A classic European street inspires the exterior of the café during a cozy summer day. The final cherry on the top is gleaming fairy lights, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The stunning décor and great food make it a picturesque location, hence making a quick way to the list of best Instagrammable places in Mumbai. 


Mumbai is often referred to as the city of dream.  You might have heard in some or other movies that everyday millions of people walk into this place with dreams of their own. I don’t know if how many of them can fulfill their dream, but one dream of visiting the city of dreams is fulfilled.

While in Mumbai, make the most of it by capturing Mumbai at its best. Visit all the places mentioned above in the list of Instagram friendly places in Mumbai. So for all those who think that there is no better place than Delhi, well, Mumbai will change your mind.

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