7 Best Off-Beat Greek Destinations to Visit

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Best Off-Beat Greek islands are something which each one of us wants to explore. Greece is one of the top travel destinations among people. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Greece is the whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, and delicious cuisine. Greece is designed to perfection with its charms and natural sceneries. The locals here are fun to hang out with. They share fascinating stories of their life in Greece. A vacation to this historic country will never fail to leave you in awe. Here are the seven best greek destinations to visit in 2020.

When to go:

The Greek Islands are at their best from April till October. For Sight Seeing, hiking and exploring anytime between mid March till November is fine.

1. Athens

Athens is one of the best places to visit in Greece. It has an easily accessible airport, beautiful parks, modern subway, and direction written in English, which makes it easy to go around exploring. This city has stunning architecture surrounding it, which boasts the history of this place.

Best Greece destinations
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You will see many historical monuments from the Acropolis, the temple of Olympian Zeus and the ancient Greek temple of Erechtheum. You must also visit the Mount Lycabettus, which is the highest point of Athens for the astounding views. If you are planning to explore Athens on a motorbike, then check the parts before starting the trip. You can purchase KTM parts online also to avoid any last-minute hassle.

2. Santorini

Santorini, the supermodel of Greece, consists of a heap of whitewashed buildings. This greek island is famous for its sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, and sapphire waters. The cute little colorful houses situated on the cliffs will amaze you and the spiral pathways give a romantic scenery.

Oia, Santorini
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There are many attractions here, like monuments, cathedrals, monasteries, and churches. For all the wine lovers, Santorini has one of the popular wineries, Santo Winery, which organizes wine tours and is also an excellent viewpoint of the cliffs. Winter is the best time to visit this island.

3. Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town is the biggest town on the Greek island. It gives the 16th-century feels due to the whitewashed buildings and windmills. Take a day trip to the Aegean Maritime Museum and the folklore to get an insight into the history of this place.

Mykonos. Greece
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Wander around the streets of Mykonos that have a very charming appeal. Don’t miss out on the famous and authentic crab meat dish, which attracts many people.

4. Folegandros

Folegandros is a tiny island located at a distance of just an hour’s boat ride from Santorini. Although it is not much explored by travelers, a day at this little island is worth spending, especially for the couple.

Best Greece Islands
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Enjoy an excellent relaxing time along with mouthwatering food in the secluded coves. Also, you will not find any bikes or cars here which preserve its tranquility. Exploring this island is a profound experience.

5. Naxos

Naxos is the greenest island among the Cyclades. Despite the large number of tourists that come here, it has preserved its ancestral character. You will find a lot of fascinating monuments like the Marble Gate of Portara, the temple of Demeter, and the statues of Kouros. Along with sightseeing, Naxos is popular for the number of beaches it has. Plaka beach is a beautiful beach known for its sand dunes.

Greece islands
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From here, you will get amazing views of Paros. Some of the other famous beaches are Agia Anna, Mikri Vigla, and Agios Prokopios. Travelers will find many restaurants and cafes along the beaches and in secluded spots too. Although Naxos is not much of a nightlife enthusiastic, you will find a few bars in Naxos town that are open till early hours.

6. The Peloponnese

Your trip to the Greek islands is incomplete without visiting Peloponnese. It is a bit underrated, but it is a place of legends. It is here where Hercules fought the Nemean lion. The first Olympic games took place here during 776 BC at this location. Relive the times by taking a walk through the ruins of the Temple of Zeus.

Greece Islands you must visit.
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The Peloponnese has mountainous terrains surrounding it and covered by beautiful forests with oaks, conifers, and olive trees. You can spot different kinds of birds and mammals in this natural retreat. Hike through the criss-cross paths to explore the churches and antique remnants. If you are an admirer of caves, then visit the southern Peloponnese, which has two main caves. Geologists from different regions come here to do their research.

7. Crete

Crete is popular as the most significant island in Greece. It has contrasting landscapes like lush greens, extensive coastlines, and rugged terrains. It is a place for the history admirers as it has interesting Greek archaeological sites, remains of the civilizations, and heritage monuments. The most trending dish in Crete is Saligaria Souvlaki, which is made using snails grilled on a skewer.

Crete, Greece
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It goes well with a tangy vinaigrette. You will also witness some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece here in Crete. Balos is a lovely beach with striking natural beauty and crystal-clear water. On the western side of Crete is Elafonissi beach, which is also beautiful and attracts lots of tourists throughout the year.


The above are the seven best Greek destinations for 2020. Other than the places mentioned above, there are a lot more places that Greece has to offer. Remember to carry your weather-appropriate clothing like shorts, tank tops, breezy dresses, along with sunscreen and sunglasses.

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