Best cheap resorts in Maldives

Best Cheap Water Villa Resorts in Maldives

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Budget travel guide to Maldives

What would be more pleasant than holidaying in Maldives in a water villa? Finding Best Cheap water villa resorts in Maldives is a hard task for some travelers. And in that, all expenses paid for in advance?

There is little doubt that these water villas are priced a bit on the higher side, but then the “best value,” which is an all-inclusive package with alcohol also included, can be termed nothing less than a fantastic deal! All the modern amenities like a TV, Refrigerator, and Wi-Fi etc are provided for.

Cheap resorts in Maldives

All Maldives packages come with an extra discount too. So this can be classified as the most economical completely all-inclusive resorts and the other water villas with inclusive choices, which is the Maldives on budget. All have their merits and perhaps a rare demerit or two. The passage below would help you to decide the east and cheapest package of water Villas in the Maldives. The lower value and the higher values are indicated for these resorts and it may change at the time of your booking.

Embudu village 3*

Embudu Village resort Maldives
Source: Tripadvisor

Embudu Maldives resort are a mini-sized resort quite close to the airport and considered most affordable if you do a cost-benefit analysis. Featuring 16 water villas along with 90 beach rooms, the Embudu Village Resort is known for offering value for those who prefer not to spend far more on a 4- or 5-star hotel. There is one bar and restaurant where you can order a sumptuous meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, but do not have to pay extra.

Budget travel to maldives

It is advisable to book these water villas in Embudu in advance, as they get reserved at a high pace, especially from November to April. The overall size of the villa you are going to stay in is 42m2, and the bathrooms have a Jacuzzi to massage you. 

Embudu village resort Maldives

All modern amenities are available for the occupants, including free wi-fi.

Location: The Embudu Village Resort is located 8 kilometers south of Malé International Airport in the Maldives.

Costs are per night and three meals with villa rent : $350 to $430.(INR 26250 to INR 32250).

Reethi Beach Resort 4*

Reethi beach resort Maldives
PC : Tripadvisor

The Reethi island resort Maldivian Island villa is an excellent upper-middle-range choice overall surrounded by a beautiful lagoon and white, sandy beach. There are multiple categories of Water villas which you can choose from and are very affordable option.

Reethi Maldives resort
PC: Tripadvisor

Amazing house reef close to villas with fish of different size and colors, reef sharks. The experiences within Reethi Beach range from diving, water sports, sports, a pool, different bars and restaurants, and a spa as well.

Maldives Budget resort
PC – Tripadvisor

 All modern amenities exist in this villa, but the main disadvantage is that it lacks a modern décor, as it was one of the oldest resorts in the Islands.

Location: Fonimagoodhoo, in Baa Atoll.

The costs are $310.00 to $360.00 per night with only breakfast.(INR 23250 to INR 27000)

Sun Island Resort and Spa 4*

Sun Island Resort
PC: Tripadvisor

Considered as one of the largest water bungalow resorts in the Maldives, the Sun resort boasts of a very tranquil atmosphere. You would find the turquoise lagoon beneath all the sixty-eight water villas.

Budget resorts in Maldives
PC – Tripadvisor

The ambience is that of a Maldivian type of furnishing with a lot of spacing between them. You can even view the Sunset and sunrise from your exclusive terrace, and there is no compromise on the privacy factor to you. With a room size o 64 m2, all modern amenities are there, but the TV would not be a flat-screen.

Water Villas in Maldives
PC – Tripadvisor

The sun spa is quite a distance from the nearest beach, but the villas in the middle of the sea have private access to the beaches., thus creating an atmosphere of living alone from the crowd.

Location: Nalaguraidhoo Island

Cost is $290 to $440 per night, but only breakfast and dinner.(INR-21750 – INR 33000)

Fihalhohi Island Resort 3*

Cheap Watervillas in Maldives
PC: Tripadvisor

The Fihalhohi Tourist Resort is one of the larger private-island hotels in the Maldives. Only 12 of the rooms are over water bungalows, but these are among the most affordable such rooms in the region.They are what a Frenchman would call petite and rightly so. The Fihalhohi is away from all the noise, small and compact, but does not fail in providing privacy.

Maldives budget travel

This place is 64 M2, and the view of the dawn and dusk is fantastic, that it creates a romance, which is the reason why honeymooners prefer these cottages. The cottages are woodier in theme, thus becoming eco-friendly.It’s worth noting that most extra activities are charged separately here, while they are included in the room price most everywhere else in the Maldives.


Location: Fihalhohi Island Resort is located in the South Western rim of Atoll which is approximately 28 km from Male International Airport.

Cost: $435 to $545 per night with breakfast and dinner.(INR 25875 to INR 40875)

Thulhagiri Island resorts

Thulhagiri Island resorts
PC: Tripadvisor

A beautiful lagoon encapsulates the resort, and it is nestled near the reef. Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa Maldives features water bungalows that are decorated with a royal traditional quality. Just relax in the room and see the endless ocean at this tropical island oasis.

Thulhagiri Island resorts
PC: Booking .com

This island resort has 55 units total: 34 that are Water Bungalows and 21 that are Beach Bungalows.Water Bungalows are almost entirely wooden with palm thatched roofs, and are slightly more upscale and more expensive than the Beach Bungalows. 

Cheap resorts in Maldives

There are no compromises on the modern amenities provided, and you have your Direct entrance to the Sea view . In other words, the Thulhagiri offers a mix of Maldivian, tropical Island laced with comfort and beauty, which is natural.

Location: Male City is 12 km from Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa, while Maafushi is 12 km from the property. 

Cost: $300 to $385 per night, breakfast, and dinner provided.(IRS 22500 to 28875)

Dreamland Resort 4 *

Dreamland resort
PC: Tripadvisor

Dreamland, The Unique Sea & Lake Resort Spa is an exclusive and quiet 4-star resort located in Baa Atoll, that’s also World Heritage by UNESCO for the marine biosphere in 2011.This is probably one of the newest resorts in the Maldives opened only a few years ago so everything is new, clean and functional.

PC: Tripadvisor

This resort stands out for being surrounded by nature, as well as its beautiful lake in the interior of the island, with it’s exuberant vegetation and a very rich marine fauna.The water villa is 71m2, and they have adapted a biotope construction theme, and that in the middle of the Island. It is full of mango groves on one side and palm trees on the other.

Maldives travel blog
PC: Tripadvisor

The ultimate choice of picking up a villa with either sun dawn or sun dusk is yours, but all the villas have a private entrance to the waters.

Location: located just 35 minutes from the capital of Maldives by seaplane .

Cost: $300 to $600 per night and half board only. (INR 22500 to INR 45000)

Summer Island Resort 4*

Summer Island Resort Maldives

The Summer Island 4* Villas have a unique attraction. It has the largest three-dimensional reef ever. The thought behind this is to protect the coral reefs lying beneath. Ceramic and concrete are the main inputs to create that artificial reef in the hope that it would become yet another home for the corals.

Best resorts in maldives

There are only 20 such villas, and the choice is undoubtedly yours on whether you pick up the one worth a dusk or dawn view of the sun. The rooms are medium-sized, with a measurement of 44 M 2. With the restrooms overlooking the ocean, there is a private entrance to it.

Location: Located 35 km from Male International Airport.

Cost is $500 to $600 per night and breakfast with dinner.(INR 37500 to INR 45000)

Angaga Island Resort 4*


Without a doubt, Angaga’s best feature is the island itself. Surrounded by clear turquoise waters and soft sands, with an unusually wide beach on side, this resort has a terrific natural setting. The island is approximately 45,000 square meters and is superb for snorkeling and diving with the house reef just 7-8 meters from the beach featuring live coral and beautiful marine life.

Resorts in Maldives
PC: Tripadvisor

The Speciality of Angaga is the arrangements made for Scuba Diving. The vast amount of fish species you would see here include Stingrays, Bass, batfish, including sharks. There is no doubt you would get to see them here.

The Angaga has around 20 detached water villas, and another twenty, which are called Superior water villas. The latter measures at 65m2 and the former 56m2. Thus the superior kind has more space, but both have private entrances to the waters.

PC: Tripadvisor

All modern amenities are made available, and the ambiance is that of a Maldivian style inside the water villas.

Location: Located in the center of the South Ari Atoll just 25 minutes via seaplane from Male.

The cost is $345 to $470 per night, and it is the half board only.(INR 25875 to INR 35250)


One needs to plan if you wish to go to the Maldives and stay in the water villas, which have their unique feature. When planning and booking are in advance, say by two to three months, you are entitled to the ‘Early bird ‘ discounts, which actually would be very handsome.

Certain water villas offer even up to 50 % of the rate. In case of sudden bookings, and it happens peak season, you may cough up a more significant amount say, 200 %!. Again, the rates may vary if your stay is an extended one, and the charges get reduced to that extent.

All said and done, these water villas are an iconic part of Maldives, and Staying here has a unique experience in itself.

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