Best Budget Airbnbs for an International Trip

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There is probably no one who refuses to travel, isn’t it? But, when it comes to traveling, there are a lot of things that have to fall in place, it is not all about exploring a destination. Along with the destinations, accommodation, hospitality, and food have to be great, so Best budget Airbnbs are best. Well, no one would enjoy their trip entirely if the accommodation facilities are not up to the mark.

Hence, booking Airbnb properties is a good idea to enjoy the best accommodation facilities. Like all other companies,  Airbnb does not own any hotels, home-stays, or cottages. Instead, they organize and arrange accommodation for travelers of different kinds according to their choices and taste. 

There are several international destinations where booking Airbnb facilitates travelers. So, this article aims at explaining the unique and affordable Airbnb properties for an international trip that you are planning for. 

Bamboo eco-cottage in rice fields – Ubud, Bali  

Known for its pristine beaches and tranquil environment, Bali has emerged out as one of the must-visit destinations off-late. The lush greenery and the untouched trekking trails of Bali have been quite alluring to all the travelers. Bali is one of the best destinations for love birds. Airbnb has some of their best accommodations in Bali.

Best AIrbnb in Bali

If you are travelling because you are in search of your solitude then, • a Bamboo eco-cottage in rice fields is one of the best places that one must try. You would not regret choosing this place because of the hut-like structures with open doors.

Airbnb in Bali

These are set right amidst the paddy fields that can take you to a different world altogether. Don’t you think this can be one of the best places to stay?

Cost of this property : 2,256 INR/- per night.

Amenities: Wi-Fi, Washing-machine, pool, and all the other necessary facilities are available at the cottage. 

Secret Garden – Istanbul , Turkey

Known for its brilliant architecture, Turkey has become one of the most visited countries these days. The beautiful Istanbul and the glorious history of Turkey can be quite fascinating to the travelers.

People visit Turkey to experience the lovely architectural styles and also the variety of food that is available. You must try exploring accommodation options in Turkey with the help of a welcome book for Airbnb. Comfortable accommodation always makes a vacation more enjoyable.

Airbnb in Istanbul
Best Airbnb in Istanbul

Secret Garden Airbnb is one of the best places to check-into when you are in Istanbul. Located close to the city of Taksim, the Secret Garden property is one of the most affordable and the safest places when you are in Turkey. The lovely garden and the lavish flats of this place can leave you in a state of euphoria.

Cost of this property: 1750 INR per night.

Amenities: Wi-Fi, parking facilities, and kitchen facilities are available at Secret Garden.

Hip Studio – Bangkok, Thailand.

For all those party-lovers, Thailand is one of the best countries to visit. The land of food, clubs, and beaches has to be visited at least once in a lifetime. But, when you are in Thailand, you must also ensure to stay in places where you are safe. Mentioned below is one of the best Airbnb properties that you can find in Thailand.

Airbnb in Bangkok

For all those budget travelers, Hip Studio is one of the best Airbnb accommodations to stay. The apartment has three beds, and it is immaculate. The Airbnb host of this apartment is superb because of the hospitality and the extreme commitment he has towards his guests. 

Best budget airbnb

You can easily access the BTS & Chao Praya River from this place. The fully-furnished kitchen has a refrigerator, electric hot plate, cutleries, and utensils that are needed for cooking. One can also enjoy watching TV or laze around in their beds by hooking themselves up to the internet as the property has a free Wi-Fi connection.

Cost of this property : 2,181 INR/- per night.

Damchoe’s home-stay – Thimpu, Bhutan

Trekkers and adventure seekers mostly frequent the peaceful kingdom of Bhutan. Mostly this kind of travelers loves to keep exploring all the destinations and attractions in a particular country; hence, they would prefer staying at the hotels and home-stayswhere they can avail a Airbnb discount.  

Bhutan Air bnb

Bhutan has splendid attractions, and you can spend time basking in the laps of Mother Nature, exploring the lush green and wild trails when they are here. Mentioned below are some of the most unique and budget-friendly Airbnb properties in Bhutan.

airbnb in Thimpu

Known for its rustic looks, the Damchoe’s home-stay has been one of the most preferred Airbnb to stay. The home-stay is pretty quiet and serene. Though not too far away from Thimpu, this home-stay has been able to maintain its quaintness. 

Surrounded by organic farms, the home-stay is an ideal one if you want to experience some quietness.

They also have a chicken farm and a small tofu unit that can be visited by the guests: the home-stay offers, parking space, laptop-friendly workspace, water heater, fully-furnished kitchen, and washing machine. The Airbnb host provides breakfast, and the meals can be cooked in the kitchen.

Cost of this property : 2.632 INR/- per night.

Indochine Apartment – Saigon, Vietnam

The Vietnamese have a wide plethora of food options to offer for travelers. The places in Vietnam have a lot of historical significance associated with it. Vietnam boasts of rich culture and heritage, and traveling to this place is a must, and when you are here, you could stay at the below mentioned Airbnb properties.

Airbnb in Vietnam

Would you love to experience the movie ‘Indochine’ in reality? Then, you must check into this Indochine apartment in Vietnam through the Airbnb hotel booking website. The most fantastic place which is loved by all the travelers because of its cleanliness and also the kind of ambiance it provides. 

Hotels in Saigaon

The architecture and the interior design of this apartment are going to make you fall in love with it instantly. Also, one can certainly not ignore the lovely furniture sets. The property has a fully-furnished kitchen with stylized cutleries and utensils. The other facilities are TV, Hairdryer, Washing Machine, Pool, Gym, and hangers.

Cost of this property: 752 INR/- per night. 

Silver Luxury Apartment – Split, Croatia

Known for its colorful building and old-world charm, Croatia tops the bucket list of must-visit places of every traveler. The people, the food, and the nightlife of Croatia are some of the best things to experience, and this is one of the most happening countries of the European continent. A couple of Airbnb properties that make your travel experience worthwhile while in Croatia are as follows.

Air bnb in Croatia

It is one of those luxury apartments that boast of offering breathtaking and magnificent views of the surrounding. The apartment is pretty close to Sandy beach; hence, you can simply take a walk to the beach to watch the spectacular sunsets. 

croatia air bnb

Also, this apartment is situated in a place that has excellent accessibility to bars, restaurants, and clubs. Hence, this is one of the apt places for you to stay while you are in Croatia. All the amenities like Wi-Fi, Cable TV, full-fledge kitchen with utensils and cutleries, and extended stays are encouraged.

Cost of this property : 2,597 INR/- per night.

Now that you have gone through some of the most unique and affordable Airbnb properties, it is also essential to understand as to why you need to choose Airbnb over others. Most of the travelers these days choose Airbnb luxury for several reasons and mentioned below are a few of them.

  • Unique accommodation facilities 
  • Hospitality would never be a matter of concern
  • Excellent stay experience and genuine reviews 
  • Best facilities and amenities at all the properties 
  • Budget-friendly properties can be availed through Airbnb discount options.
  • The Airbnb hosts are super-friendly they would go an extra mile to take care of their guests
  • All the places are closer to the major attractions
  • One can experience the home-away-from-home experience
  • Extended stays are also possible at a few properties
  • Wide range of property listings 
  • Easy and transparent procedures 
  • Documentation and other processes are open, and everything would be mentioned clearly.

We are sure that the next trip that you are plan, you will definitely choose your stay through Airbnb. As there is no compromise on the quality of the services offered, it becomes essential to choose a service provider like Airbnb to meet all your travel requirements quickly and at an affordable price.  

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