Top 5 Reasons to Print Travel Photos in the Digital Era

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Most people believe that the photo printing era is gone. But my dear, the period of displaying your wow moments can never end. Remember how much fun it was to visit our relatives during summer vacations. You spend some fantastic time with your cousins, and the senior members of the family will take out the old family albums.

You will look at each other pictures and share endless funny stories behind it. I remember my uncle once looking at the photos of our family picnic and saying, ‘Those were the days.’ Whenever you will ask him to be part of your groupies, he will laugh out loud and bring out his Polaroid camera and click dozens of pictures of everyone.

Travel Photography Ideas

Not that he is a photographer or so, but he loves to update his drawing photo wall ever year. He says, ‘Whenever I look at this wall, I see my family happy together, and I feel inspired to create more memories like these.’ If you are ever looking for any photography tips, he is the first person to consult. 

You might have heard a picture is worth a thousand words. So when you are out of words, an image comes handy. You can easily share your happiness, joys, and good days, bad days, silly moments, awkward moments, and happy moments. A picture can help you convey, express, share that particular piece of your heart with your near and dear ones.

Refer to the list of Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Print Travel Photos in the Digital Era mentioned below.

1. Digital storms

Digital storms are an unpredictable disaster that can lead to the loss of data. In the case of digital storage, there is a constant threat of data loss. No matter wherever you save, the pictures are on the phone, cloud, or hard disk. There is no guarantee of safe storage.

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There are also incidences of accidentally deleting the photos. But memories are not made to lose, so to keep them close and secure with you, Printing is the best option. Trust me! The smell of your old books and photographs makes you feel alive.

2. The tangibility is unchallenged

You know that feeling when you walk into your old room and accidentally get your hands on an old trunk full of pictures. You pick all the pictures and try to relive the moment, that picture got clicked. I still remember the day when I wore the sari for the first time, and my mom clicked my image and put in on the fridge.

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Every time she looks at that picture, she says, ‘My little girl is all grown up.’ You can never challenge feelings like these—the feeling of holding a physical copy of your most favorite picture. The size of the image doesn’t matter.  

3. An essential tool to boost your professional credibility

The printed pictures on display creates an everlasting impression. Photo prints can be a fantastic way to draw the attention of the viewers. Artists and performers need to display their talent. The display of the talent adds up to the authenticity of the artists.

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For artists, the art galleries offer a brief insight into the psyche of the artists and also serve as an attractive market for potential buyers. And as far as the photography skills are concerned, you never you’re your crush might walk up to you to ask for some photography tips.

4. Feel the actual presence

Do you love to travel and clicking tons of pictures to capture those exciting moments? I know travel photography is one of the most exciting forms of photography worldwide.

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There are tons of Products on to make most of that travel photography, print your enthralling moments and display them in your bedroom. As if you have never left the place. Stay in the moment for more than usual. 

Zoomin is a printing service that surprisingly has a variety of photo products for the Indian market. From categories of photo books, frames, square prints to calendars & gifting products like photo mugs, bag tags & magnets, they have it all. The printing is top-notch & prices are reasonable.

Photo book from Zoom in.

A must-try for preserving your favorite memories, gifting & home decors,
They have an app to easily place an order for printing pictures in various products with fast deliveries.
Check the app from here –

5. Excitement and thrill

Decorating your home is one most exciting things to do when you are planning to reinstate yourself in a new place. Photographs are like mirrors to one’s personality. There are tons of photography ideas available online. My favorite types of photography are candid photography. The excitement and thrill of making the photo memory walls of kids are unbelievable. 

Photos are memories, and don’t let your memories be locked out in a small memory card. Don’t wait to cherish your happy times if you want to relive those moments every day. All you need is to take a print of your favorite image and put it in front of your eyes. It is high time to change your MBs and GBs to small scale and large prints.  

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