Surviving long flight

5 Travel hacks for surviving a long flight


It’s thought there are more than 100,000 commercial flights a day, and that a massive £1 trillion is spent on business travel every year. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, it can be a much better experience if you do some research beforehand. 

Here are five business travel hacks for surviving a long flight.

1. Use airport lounge facilities

Airport lounges are no longer just for people with a business class ticket or elite flyers. Even if you are flying economy, sometimes you can pay to access an airport lounge to use the facilities. Airport lounges offer comfortable chairs, showers, hot food, and free newspapers and magazines. They also offer a quiet space and decent wifi if you need to work.

How to survive long flight
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It is worth reading reviews beforehand so you can decide if it is worth paying for the service or not, but taking advantage of an airport lounge away from the crowds can take away the stress of the hustle and bustle of a busy airport. This can help you to relax and enjoy your flight.

2. Use the time wisely

Take the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time to work and not be disturbed by colleagues or phone calls. Flying is a good opportunity to clear the backlog of emails in your inbox. What other time do you get hours to yourself without being disrupted? Prepare a to-do list beforehand and take advantage of online check-in to save time queuing at the airport.

Surviving long flight

3. Book a good seat and try to get an upgrade

Window or aisle seat? If you need extra legroom it’s best to go for an aisle seat. Avoid the bulkhead if you want some peace and quiet. Families with babies often go for these seats. Arrive at the airport early and always try and get an upgrade. Sometimes these are offered on the day, or you can try again at the departure gate before boarding. Alternatively, if you’re wanting to travel in luxury, take advantage of endless legroom, as well as mitigating the hassle of an airport the next time you travel, then it might be worthwhile looking at private jet flights offered by companies similar to that of Jettly as an example. If you’ve never flown in a private jet, it will prove as one of the best travel upgrades you could experience.

Tips for surviving long flight

4. Wear comfortable (but smart) clothes

Comfort is a priority on a long flight, but you want to look smart because some first-class areas and airport lounges have dress codes.

tricks to survive long haul flight

Layers are best for keeping warm or staying cool, since temperatures can fluctuate whilst flying. Taking a small neck pillow and warm blanket or eye mask can also help you to sleep on board a long flight. If you do want to sleep, you may wish to consider packing a CBD supplement, like one of these CBD creams, to apply before or during your flight to help you doze off – just check that you will be able to take this with you on board before you pack it to avoid any uncomfortable situations at the airport.

5. Don’t forget to hydrate

Finally, make sure you drink plenty of water on a long flight so you don’t get dehydrated. Don’t forget about your skin which will feel thirsty too, so make sure you apply moisturiser.

How to survive long haul flight

Dehydration sachets can also help. Drinking water won’t help with the jet lag or time difference but it will make you feel less sick and nauseous.

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Tips for surviving long flight

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  1. These are quite useful tips to survive a long flight. I was already few of them like doing work, clearing out emails but undoubtedly some of these were unknown to me.

    Thank you for sharing.

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