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All you need to know about traveling to Tibet on budget

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In recent years, Tibet has become one of the most sought-after destinations for both adventurers and those seeking peace and purity of mind. Tibet has a lot to offer, there are attractions for everyone, and anyone who has visited this unique country has an amazing experience.

For many people, traveling to Tibet is on their bucket list, but I’m sure going to this mysterious region is delayed because of the costs. So, a visit to the “top of the roof” remains just an unrealized wish.

Travel to Tibet

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Now you have the chance to visit the beauties of Tibet, along with the magnificent architecture, such as the astonishing architecture of Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and other attractions near Lhasa, but also all over Tibet.

Crucial things that you should know before traveling to Tibet

If you were thinking of going to Tibet yourself, forget about that idea. In Tibet, it is forbidden for tourists to travel on their own, which must be accompanied by a licensed travel guide. Besides, you must already have planned and organized transportation.

Tibet travel

So, this is the bad news for the backpackers. But, there is always a solution- join the small tour group.

To enter Tibet, you must own Tibet Travel Permit.

If you are traveling from China to Tibet, you must first apply for a Chinese visa, and then, once you have a visa, you can apply for TTP. For a Chinese visa, you can do it yourself, but you will not be able to do it for Tibet Travel Permit. Your travel agent will apply on your behalf.

Travelling to Tibet on a budget

There are other Permits that you must have if you are planning to visit Everest Base Camp, Mt.Kailash and other “closed” area. For those permits you, i.e., your tour guide will apply when you arrive in Lhasa. 

Acclimatization is the most important thing when you are in Tibet. Tibet has an elevation of average 4.500 meters above sea level. Lhasa has an altitude of 3.656 meters. On this elevation, you will probably have altitude sickness. But don’t worry. The symptoms will disappear within two to three days after the body is accustomed to the altitude, but also the lower oxygen content in the air.

Some of the ways on how to reduce the costs on your trip to Tibet

Traveling to Tibet on a budget is possible if you know some essential things about this trip. 

Traveling from China to Lhasa by train is the best way to reduce the costs. In addition to paying a significantly lower amount than flying a plane, you will be able to see astonishing, breathtaking scenery.

Also, you can travel in the low season to pay less money for the tour, but also you will find cheaper accommodation.

Tibet on a budget

However, traveling to Tibet in a low season can be challenging, mainly because of the harsh weather in winter. Visiting Lhasa in winter is possible, and in fact, it is the best season to visit the nearby attractions. Usually, these tours last for 4-5 days. But, if you want to visit Everest Base Camp or some of the holy lakes, that in winter can be challenging. Trekking in low season also can be difficult, because most of the treks are covered with light snow, and the whole area is slippery.

Traveling to Tibet offseason is possible to reduce the costs, but how you can pay less in high season?

Join the small tour group on your traveling to Tibet

If you want to explore Tibet and its beauty in peak season, but still to spend less money, you should consider joining the small tour group.

The travel agencies provide two types of traveling to Tibet: private tour and small group tour.

Travel to Tibet in Winter

The travel agencies offer packages that are for small groups up to 12 people for a more convenient and safe Tibet travel. I spoke with some of my colleagues, and we all agreed that the number of 12 tourists is ideal for Tibet group tour.

You can choose to join even the smaller group. There are packages for six people. And that figure is acceptable as ideal for a small group of tourists. 

Saving money

There are many advantages to joining the small tour group, but the most important is that you will save some money.

If you join the small group on your travel to Tibet, you will share the costs for the tour guide, and also for the transportation.

You can share the meals costs with the people in your group.

Travel in High season

By joining a small group, you can afford to travel to your desired destination, and visit all the attractions that Tibet has to offer.

Flying birds

A short comparison, if you are traveling in winter, you will not be able to visit the sacred lakes, or Mt.Kailash not even Everest Base Camp.

Share the accommodation capacity

When traveling with a small group to Tibet, you have the opportunity to share a room with someone in your group, thereby saving you money.

Making new friends

From my experience, almost every traveler who joined a small group to travel to Tibet has acquired new and good friendships. There are cases when some of the group continue to the next destination together. Some of them fell in love. Isn’t that wonderful?

Last words

Group travel is always more cost-effective than a private trip. Traveling to Tibet with a small tour group, you can be fun and exciting. Also, you will always have someone near you. You have to know how the communication between tours in the group will be very much dependent on the tour guide. Therefore, be careful when choosing a travel agency and also with a travel guide. Always choose to travel with those who have more experience in Tibet travel.

If you decide to travel with a large group, this can be a problem for you and not only for you but also for your travel guide.

Choose the right travel agency for you. Decide where in Tibet you wanted to be. Join the small tour group and book your next journey. 

All you have to do is enjoy.

And maybe we’ll see you in Tibet.

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