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By now, you all must be knowing that we love exploring offbeat places and less touristy destinations. We yet again explored one of such beautiful destination located in the state of Kerala – Poovar.

Poovar is a beautiful village involved by a lovely beach on one side and the backwaters on the other and is very popular for its picturesque beauty. It is located at the southern tip of Trivandrum and is the only village that trails the end of Kerala. Located at the entrance of Neyyar River, this tourist spot is inhabited mainly by the fishing community and is an unspoilt tourist destination with exotic flora and fauna.

Kerala is a beautiful state with plenty of tourist attraction to explore and celebrate the charm of nature, however, Poovar is still untouched yet charming backwater destination other than famous Alleppey and Kumarakom in Kerala.


Exploring in Poovar


Even though this island is blessed with natural beauty, you may not find many activities to do here other than boating, bird watching, fishing, visiting local villages or just playing indoor games and relaxing in the pool or in the spa. So, if you are looking for a relaxed vacation with your loved ones, then Poovar is the best choice of you.

Poovar is a place where you can put your feet up and do nothing and switch off from civilization. There is plenty to choose from –If you are a Landscape photographer or a Nature Lover, Poovar will live up to all your expectations besides being a destination for rejuvenation and relaxing, Poovar offers a vast variety of nature for landscape photography. A DSLR camera equipped with appropriate lenses will ensure capturing perfect memories for your trip to Poovar.

Check out here our Photoblog of Poovar – Paradise for Landscape photography.

Sunset in Poovar

sunset in Poovar
Sunset in Poovar


Backwaters scene in Poovar


Floating Cottages in Poovar


Landscape of Poovar

Landscape of Poovar
Landscape of Poovar

Amidst of Coconut trees

Poovar landscape
Amidst of Coconut trees

Poovar Beach 

poovar beach 1
Poovar Beach – (c) – Flickr

Bird Watching in Poovar

Poovar - Bird watching
Poovar – Bird watching
Bird watching in Poovar
Kingfisher spotted 

Mangroves via Backwaters

Boating through dense mangroves in Poovar
Boating through dense mangroves in Poovar

Living the moments in Poovar



— Quick Facts — 

  • Nearest Airport to Poovar is Trivandrum Airport – 27 kms away.
  • The best time to visit Poovar is from August to March.
  • Enjoy the delicious variety of south India cuisines – There are some great floating restaurants here like Saravana Bhawan.
  • You will find many luxuries to budget hotels in Poovar for a comfortable stay. Club Mahindra, Poovar island resort are name to few where you can enjoy the serenity of this place along with luxury stay.
  • Water taxis are available to move around the island.


— Photography tips for Poovar — 

  • Carry DSLR camera.
  • If you are using smart phones to take your pictures, download manual camera apps like Camera 360 which will allow you to play with the manual settings.
  • Carry wide angle lenses, if you love to capture the beautiful landscape of Poovar.
  • Be Patient to get a perfect composition for your photo.
  • Look for those unique spots at the beach (providing they are safe to get to) that offer amazing scenes and less crowd.
  • Use the best light – The best light for landscape photography is early in the morning or late afternoon, with the midday sun offering the harshest light.
  • Carry a Tripod
  • Shoot in RAW format

— Places to visit in Poovar — 

  • Poovar beach
  • Estuary island
  • Fishing Village

Poovar is a stilt beauty with its unexplored beaches, dazzling backwaters, long expanses of shining sand and panoramic surroundings, it is an attractive destination to explore in Kerala. 

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  1. I absolutely adored Kerala but didn’t make it to Poovar. It looks stunning. I love the floating village and I remember the multitude of birdlife in the backwaters around Alleppy so your pics brought back great memories.

  2. Stunning photos! I remember reading a novel set in Kerala years ago, and these images have really brought to life all of the beautiful imagery from the story. That sunset picture especially is awe inspiring 🙂

  3. Kerala – Poovar sounds and looks like such a beatiful village, I definitely keen to add it to my list next time that I am back in India. I just love those little cottages on the water and I could easily sit there with a cup of tea writing.

  4. I’m sure being patient is key, great tip! This really is a photographer’s paradise with the amazing wildlife and lush surroundings. I just love all the greenery and trees.

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