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Want to Feel Alive? Take a Trip to India


Undoubtedly, a trip to India is a life-changing journey full of various experiences and a myriad of attractions. The exhilarating sojourn to the land of diversity beguiles with its cultures, food, hospitality, places, festivals, people and what not!  From traveling on the luxury trains in India to sneak peek into the glorious past of the country through its various heritages, everything will urge you to come here time and again.

Read on to know some other reasons that will make you fall in love with India on your visit to this wonderland.

India – where guests are considered as God

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India is famed worldwide for its amazing hospitality. Plan your holidays in India to understand how a country and its people treat the guests as God. The ‘Tilak ceremony’, which includes putting vermilion on your forehead will leave you overwhelmed. Warm welcome received in the country will touch your heart and you will be truly moved by the gesture. Lovely smiles of the amicable people will instill a new life in you.

Explore architectural wonders that adorn India

Taj Mahal, India
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Spectacular monuments of India not only showcase the remarkable craftsmanship of the bygone era but also tell numerous tales of the valor and chivalry of the country. Monuments like the Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the Group of Monuments at Hampi – a UNESCO World Heritage Site are the beautiful gems, the country boasts of. Embark on the Golden Triangle tour of India to marvel at some of the masterpieces.


Savor the best of the culinary delights in India

Indian Food
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If you are a foodie, then India is a heaven for you. The taste of the street food to the multi-national cuisines served at the best restaurants will linger in your mouth for long. Aroma of spices and various dishes tempts you to taste almost everything. There will be no end to your cravings as you go on savoring the biryani of Hyderabad, litti chokha of Bihar, lassi of Punjab and so on.

Soak-in the spirituality that prevails in every nook and cranny

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Wake up to the sound of the bells that start ringing in the temples of India early in the morning. The fragrance of the incense sticks, flowers and other holy products purify your soul. Gaze at the wonderful Ganga Aarti at Varanasi or Haridwar or partake in the Yoga sessions at Rishikesh. Go for nature walks or spend some time meditating, anything you do will help you discover a new you. The spiritual journeys of India offer you all these and help you to complete the quest for self-discovery.

India is the only country where train journeys are as intriguing as the destinations

India Trains
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Luxury Trains in India have redefined the way of traveling. The country boasts of five luxury trains including Maharajas’ Express and Palace on Wheels that take people from one destination to another, surrounded by all the luxuries and comforts. Then there is the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage site which traverses through zig-zag trails and exciting loops. Delight-in the toy train ride which will help you marvel at the scenic landscapes like never before.

The enthusiasm of celebrating festivals in India is beyond description

Holi In India
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Don’t be surprised to see a matchless surge of fervor and enthusiasm in the Indians during any of the festivals in India. The country stands united while cherishing all the fiestas of any religion. This is the only land where Muslims love to celebrate Diwali and Hindus rejoice Eid. Holi celebrations in Mathura, Durga Pooja in Bengal and Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai lure a number of tourists from all over the world.

From Islands to the Himalayas to plains, there are plethora of places to visit in India

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Even upon traveling the length and breadth of the country, one never falls short of places to visit in India. The nation is a home to mighty mountains to be scaled, flat plains to be explored and scenic islands to completely lose yourself at. A trip to Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Majuli and Andaman and Nicobar Islands etc., present the best sights and sounds of the country. Delhi and Mumbai spellbind you with the juxtaposition of the old and new.

India offers a memorable stay at its heritage and luxury hotels

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Have you ever wished to live the life of the royals of the historic times? If yes, then the time is right to actualize your dream. Umpteen heritage hotels in India provide you opportunities to feel like the royalty by spending a few days here. Many forts and palaces which have now turned into heritage properties, offer excellent accommodation opportunities. The iconic and five-star hotels in the country leave you spoilt for your choice. A rejuvenating experience at the Spa of these hotels will pamper you to the core.

Even Nature resides at its best in India

Honeymoon in India
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India is bestowed with bountiful of nature. Scenic lakes in Leh, exciting beaches in Goa and soothing backwaters in Kerala render the visitors in a state of awe. Treat your eyes to the lush greenery of Munnar, Assam and Darjeeling.  Gushing waterfalls and feverous rivers enhance the beauty of the country. The living root bridges in Mawlynnong are known to wow the spectators. The colossal lap of Mother Nature can easily accommodate its lovers. The natural wonders are enough to compel you to plan a honeymoon in India.      

Numerous activities in India keep you engaged for as long as you want

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Fun and frolic never seem to end in India. Be it the wildlife safari at the popular wildlife sanctuaries in India or skiing in Auli, every activity has its own charm. Satiate your adrenaline rush or go on conquering mighty peaks with your trekking passion, India will keep on challenging you with something new. Enjoy mountain biking at highest passes of the world or face the challenging rapids of the gushing rivers. The choice is yours!

The list of reasons that will bring you to India within no time can go on and on. Pick your favorite one and plan a trip to India soon.


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