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Traveling as a vegetarian can be tricky. And, being honest, we really face hard time when we travel abroad. Being pure vegetarian, there are always very limited options to satisfy our taste buds when we are on the travel mode.

Ultimately famous for their Arabian cuisines & non-veggie delicacies, initially we really thought that we may face hard time again to eat delicious Indian vegetarian food. However, Dubai surprised us with some mouthwatering Indian food which was not only sumptuous & delicious but also quite pocket friendly.

Indian food in dubai
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Dubai has variety of vegetarian restaurants where the team of experienced Chefs prepared the food with fresh & best quality ingredients. There is the availability of all types of food in such restaurants at affordable prices. Most of them have been opened by Indians and that’s why chances are that you will get splendid Indian food.

Especially the Bur Dubai area i.e. the old Dubai is a nice hub for vegetarian food where one can find pleasant and a variety of cuisine mostly due to the large number of the subcontinent population. So, Enjoy the delightful vegetarian food without any worry while roaming Dubai.

Find a list of Top 6 Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai 

— Maharaja Bhog Restaurant —

They say one of the few materialistic things that can give you real happiness is Food. And This restaurant is the key of having such happiness.

Maharaja bhog Dubai
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A proper authentic Indian Thali meal restaurant. A Very well-known food chain in India, Tucked into endless servings of 100 % vegetarian and authentic rotis, curries, thepla flatbreads and sweet treats at this thali-style restaurant. The varieties served in the thali are so much that I think it would be better if you consider skipping breakfast for a lunch here.

Cuisine: Indian – Gujarati/ Rajasthani

Must try: Khichda, Spring Roll, Aamras, Mirchi Vada

Average Cost: AED 90 for 2 pax (approx.)

— Rangoli Restaurant –

A budgeted restaurant in the middle of famous shopping area in Dubai i.e. Meena bazaar, is a great attraction for shopping and once you feel the desire to top up your energy levels then head straight out to Rangoli pure vegetarian restaurant which is one of the oldest and has been there since seventies.

Rangoli restaurant Dubai
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They serve loads of varieties of starters & We had their Gujarati Thali, which is was undoubtedly delicious. A perfect family restaurant we would say to enjoy perfect family or group meal time when in Dubai. Rangoli has been adding colors to people’s life by serving authentic Indian street food & meals.

Cuisine: Indian – Gujarati/ Rajasthan & Chaat

Must try: Panipuri, Chaat, Faluda, Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Gujarati Thali, Samosa

Average Cost: AED 80 for 2 pax (approx.)

— Rasoi Ghar Restaurant –

Rasoi Ghar is a beautiful Indian restaurant in Karama, Dubai that serves vegetarian Indian food, of the Rajasthani and Gujarati type. It is perfect for a family gathering or even a business meeting. Dashes of Indian hospitality colors the home-style meal, which is made up of unlimited starters, a thali-style main course presenting different dishes on different days of the week, and a selection of desserts.

Rasoi Restaurant Dubai
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They have a unique three course thali which means you have starters, main course and desserts with refills just around the corner. The menu changes daily, so you may not be served the same dishes mentioned above, when you visit. So, Eat as much as you want in your tour and you will be served the new delicacies each time you visit.

Cuisine:  Indian, Gujarati, Rajasthani

Must Try: Spicy Daal, Aamras, Dahipuri, Grand Thali,

Average Cost: AED 90 for 2 pax (approx.)

— Veg World –

If you are looking for quick bites, head straight to Veg world in Bur Dubai. An amazing place for a great variety of vegetarian food. A super hit economical place to dine-in, as they have best combo meals & Variety on Indian cuisines. In the midst of busy Meena bazaar you find various options to grab a bite. But this place is a jewel.

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Though, Small entrance with sitting inside a small shopping complex but the food quality & taste is amazing. During our last day of the Dubai trip, we went there for the lunch & ended up having unlimited food before heading to airport. One of the best eateries to dine especially for Jain people and for all chat lovers. 

Cuisine:  Indian, North Indian, Street Food, Chinese, Fast Food

Must Try: Chaat, Panipuri, Pav Bhaji, Lassi, Vada Pav, Aloo Sabji, Thali

Average Cost: AED 60 for 2 pax (approx.)

— Saravana Bhavan —  

For a tasty Indian dinner that won’t break the bank, make a beeline for Saravanaa Bhojan Shala, the yogi Indian restaurant of choice. Saravana Bhavan is a long-standing favorite, having developed a following for its inexpensive, fuss-free South Indian dishes.

Saravana Bhavan Dubai
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Fans of the typically tangy and spicy flavours will love the authentic dosas (rice flour flatbreads), Idlis (savory rice flour cakes) and thalis (all-you-can-eat platters with multiple small dishes) served in steel plates, in a basic, canteen-style environment. It’s a gem for all the vegetarian food lovers. A typical South Indian restaurant, it serves the food that is liked by everyone.

Cuisine: South Indian

Must try: Filter coffee, Thali, Idli-Sambar, Rava Dosa, Vada-Sambar

Average Cost: AED 70 for 2 pax (approx.)

— Kamat Restaurant –

Known food brand to us, we always loved food in Kamat restaurants in India. So, Kamat was no new to us to even give it a try for a food choice. This was just at Mezzanine level of the place where we were staying, and we ended up having breakfast here every morning of our trip. 

Kamat Restaurant - Dubai
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One of the first of its kind, Kamat delivers regulars with an impressively large selection of vegetarian options from around India and more. From traditional north Indian delicacies and south Indian dosa drama to popular Chinese hits and Jain offerings, there’s nothing that’s escaped the menu at Kamat Restaurant.

Cuisine:  North Indian, South Indian

Must try: Pav bhaji, Dosa, Thali

Average Cost: AED 60 for 2 pax (approx.)                     


Dubai is an easy city for discovering delicious dining solutions. As well as plenty of Indian eateries serving traditionally vegetarian cuisine. With everything on the menu from bowls bursting with goodness to South Indian, Chaat and even ice cream, Dubai’s top vegetarian restaurants deserve a spot at the top of your must-try list.

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  1. Really good finds!! 🙂 I have friends living in Dubai who have been to some of the places you’ve listed!! Will share this link to them!!

  2. Wow, the food scene in Dubai is so diverse, and it’s exciting to know the city has so many kinds of dishes and healthy choices to offer! I would like to try your recommendation and I am taking notes from your post for my next visit @ knycx.journeying

  3. This is a very comprehensive review of the vegetarian restaurants in Dubai. The food looks delicious.

  4. This is an amazing list, as travelling veggies we always look for Indian places as we know we will get great veggie food!

  5. Love the colors, textures, subtle (and sometimes not so subtle — where’s the water to cool the fire) flavors of Indian food, vegi or not. Your photos made me hungry!!!!

  6. So many lovely choices for the Indian cuisine fan! All the plates look really appetising. I would like to try the Kamat restaurant. We had their food in Mumbai recently and it was great.

  7. I know from travelling with my daughter who is a vegetarian that it can be pretty difficult to find adequate food when travelling. In some cultures eating no meat is just not eating. But it’s getting better – and especially the Indian cuisine holds such a fantastic variety of vegetarian dishes…that I might become a vegetarian, too 😉

  8. I’m planning my next holiday to Dubai. This is a great list for me, thank you!
    Sarvana Bhawan was a savior on my recent trip to Kuala Lumpur too. Good part – the chain is spread in multiple places across the city.

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