10 Best Monsoon Destinations of India

Lonavala Waterfalls
Lonavala Waterfalls

Are you a fan of the rains? Monsoon is probably one of the best seasons ever because of how beautiful God’s world seems to be! Visiting these Monsoon destinations in India are surely a lifetime experience as the exotic locations leave you spellbound with its beauty. The hills and mountains get carpeted with lush greenery, the lakes overflow with sparkling water, the waterfall sceneries become heavenly to make you fall in love with incredible India.


Green lush mountains in lonavala
Mountains in lonavala

Check out the 10 most beautiful and unusual places in India suggested by our fellow bloggers that you must visit to enjoy monsoons!

Monsoon in India are perfect for sipping a hot cup of tea and enjoying the hot pakodas. But have you ever wondered where you could go to experience the best of the rains?


 ** Saputara, Gujarat  ** 

SAPUTARA is a small hill station located in Sahyadri’s or Western Ghats. Popular for lush green forests, undulating mountains, dazzling waterfalls, dreamy winding roads, livid landscapes and plenty of charming cubbyholes to spend time with your loved ones, the town is the first favorite among tourists. It is located at a height of 875 meters above sea level and is a perfect getaway for eco-lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and people who love adventure sports.

saputara 1.jpg
saputara 2.jpg

Located at a distance of four kilometers from the Maharashtra border and two hundred and fifty kilometers from Mumbai in Dang district, Saputara literally means habitat of snakes and the tribal of this region worship snakes, especially during Holi. It is a beautiful hilly region enriched with enormous greenery offering magnificent panorama, tribal culture of a different sort and great trekking opportunities.

Top places to visit in Saputara:

  • Saputara Lake.
  • Gira Waterfall.
  • Hatgadh Fort.
  • Step Garden.
  • Pandava Gufa.

Suggested by: Vruddhi Patel


** Cherrapunji, Meghalaya **

Cherrapunji is a small town in Meghalaya, once famous as the wettest place on earth. It has since then ceded that position to neighboring Mawsynram which is now listed officially as the place with the highest recorded rainfall in the word. However, being the second-wettest place on earth isn’t too bad either! And what better time to visit this place, than during the monsoon itself? Which is what I did, and I came back totally blown away by the natural beauty of this place.

Dainthlen Falls Cherrapunji.jpg
Dainthlen Falls Cherrapunji.jpg

Cherrapunji, or Sohra as it is locally called, is located just 50 km from Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. It will take you about 2.5 hours to drive over from Shillong due to the hilly terrain. You can either book accommodation in Cherrapunji itself (there are a few hotels and some homestays available) or make a daytrip from Shillong.

Clouds descending on the drive Shillong to Cherrapunji
Clouds descending on the drive Shillong to Cherrapunji

The most imposing sights around Cherrapunji, especially during the monsoon, are undoubtedly the various waterfalls here. You must not miss a visit to the Wah Kaba Falls, Dainthlen Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, the Seven Sisters Falls and Eco Park. If you want to do something offbeat, then nearby you will find the limestone caves at Mawsmai which are open to visitors. If you are up for a bit of a trek, then you must not miss a visit to one of Living Root Bridges around Cherrapunji. The single root bridge at Riwai is easier to access; the more famous double root bridge at Nongriat involves a stiffer trek.

Best time to visit Shillong and Cherrapunji is when you can see places like the Living Root Bridge with relatively fewer crowds!
Best time to visit Shillong and Cherrapunji is when you can see places like the Living Root Bridge with relatively fewer crowds!

Whichever sights you eventually choose to visit, I am sure you will come back impressed by the natural beauty of Cherrapunji in the monsoon!

Read more here: https://www.nomadicdreamz.com/the-best-time-to-visit-shillong-and-cherrapunji-monsoon/

Suggested by: Nomadic Dreamz

** Andaman and Nicobar Island ** 

What comes to your mind when you think of blue waters and white sands – Thailand, Maldives, Bahamas, Jamaica, Bora bora, Mauritius. The list is endless. But, then there is this beautiful island in the Bay of Bengal that is steadily gathering attention.

andaman 1.jpg

Andaman and Nicobar Islands for its pristine white sand beaches. It has become a pocket friendly destination that lies just a 2 hours flight from India is a perfect destination during the monsoons in the mainland. Beautiful and bewitching is its beauty that you can simply soak in the sun and feel the sand under the feet and the salt in the air.

Top things to do in Andamans:

  1. Visit the cellular Jail in Port Blair & wait till it gets dark to watch the light& sound show
  2. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair for the enthusiast in you
  3. Ross Island – a 20 mins ride from Port Blair is a reminder of the Colonial settlements
  4. Scuba Diving at Havelock – reach out to the PADI diving school to fix your slot
  5. Snorkel at the Elephant beach to witness
  6. Watch the magical sunset at the Radha Nagar Beach
  7. Witness the shades of blue at the Kala Pathar Beach
  8. Rent a bike to explore the island – GPS doesn’t work here, so get back to the basics of interacting with the locals to find your way
  9. Cruise between Port Blair to Havelock in Macruz
  10. Not to miss the fresh sea food


Any offbeat attractions there?

Long Island’s – a 4-5 hours ride from Port Blair is a less explored island with minimal touristy activities.



Other places to visit in and around Port Blair are:

  1. Mount Harriet – a 30-40 minutes’ drive from Port Blair
  2. Chatham Saw mill
  3. Sagarika – the souvenir shop
  4. Marine museum near the Sports complex in Port Blair

Suggested by: https://kindleandkompass.com/


** Vagamon, Kerala ** 

The British touched almost every other hill station in India and gave them the elite status except for a few like Vagamon. Situated in the Idukki District of Kerala, Vagamon is still not commercialized, bustling with crowd, shops selling homemade chocolates and produce from the tea factories.




















An overnight bus or train journey from Chennai or a couple hours ride from cities like Cochin or Alappuzha will take you to the mystic Vagamon. Wander along the mountain trails with a torch and umbrella, take a dip in the mountain stream, savor the local Kerala cuisine under the star-studded sky and listen to campfire stories. All this sounds magical to someone who’s spent their life with meetings and maddening traffic, but this is all Vagamon has got to offer to her visitors.


Top things to do in Vagamon:

  1. Visit the Vagamon meadows to find the lush green meadows surrounding the hills
  2. Visit the Christian pilgrimage “Kuruhsimala”
  3. Pattumalai church en-route Vagamon is a quiet & serene place with lush green plantations surrounding the church
  4. Vagamon lake – a small man -made lake with enchantingly beautiful surroundings
  5. Hike up to the meesapulimala

 Other attractions:

There are several camping & hiking groups arranging small hikes and a night camp in one of the tea estates.

Suggested by: https://kindleandkompass.com/..


** Hampi, Karnataka ** 

Hampi in Karnataka, India, is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world. It is located 350 km from Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. Especially in the monsoon season, the small town is worth a trip. Because in this time nature is lush green along the rivers and the whole place looks like a huge oasis.

Hampi .jpg

For some, Hampi is interesting because of its UNESCO World Heritage, others indulge in their hippie existence. Hampi is mostly characterized by its palms, temples and rice fields but also especially by its huge rocks which can be found in this area. There is so much to see in Hampi that you should plan with at least three days. The rocky landscape invites to climbing tours. However, good footwear is highly recommended. You can still sense the glory of Vijayanagar in the ruins, one of the largest empires in Indian history.

The kings of Vijayanagar were great patrons of architecture and art. The archaeological sites of Hampi are spread over an area of ​​about 26 km². So, the terrain is quite spacious. The best idea is to rent a bike and explore the area on your own. But you can also rent a rickshaw. The best-known temple of all is the Virupaksha temple, but also a visit to Hanuman Temple at sunrise and a trip to the nearby lake are a must.

Suggested by: https://travellersarchive.de


** Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh ** 

For everyone willing to experience the power of monsoons I recommend heading to hilly areas. You can see how nature comes to life there. Everything becomes greener, fresher, yet the temperature keeps being comfortable unlike the bigger part of mainland India that experiences both heat and humidity during monsoons.


Despite Himalaya is spread in several Indian states, I recommend bypassing popular destinations and choosing offbeat towns and villages. One of my favorite picks is Jibhi – a hidden gem in Banjar Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

There are no trendy tourist magnets in Jibhi, yet this is a great place for nature lovers. You can do a few side-treks in the area, visit Jalori Pass and walk till Serolsar Lake from there, explore small and picturesque neighboring villages with their famous wooden architecture and step-like fields on the hills.


Jibhi is a slow travel destination, thus I recommend planning at least few days there. The village has a few camping sites, though you will find mainly homestays which offer you a chance to experience warm hospitality of Himachal. You can find a place anywhere from 500 INR to 4000 INR depending on your preferences.

It takes time to reach Jibhi by public transport from any major city in North India, though the village has a proper road and a few local buses crossing daily. Internet connectivity is good near the main road and outside the homes. If you are planning to work, choose homestays with cute balconies and terraces.

Read more here: https://mytriphack.com/jibhi-travel-guide/

Suggested by: https://mytriphack.com/


** Panhala, Maharashtra ** 

Panhala lies on the Sahyadri Mountain Range and is situated in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. It is about 22 km to the northwest of Kolhapur on the Kolhapur-Ratnagiri road and is at an altitude of 3177 feet above sea level.

panhala 1

In Monsoons, Panhala offers Lush green panoramic and awesome view of the valley. This is kind of offbeat weekend getaway from Mumbai, if you really want to enjoy the ancient ruins of Maharashtra and scenic views of Valley combining.

Top places to see in Panhala

  • Sajja Kothi
  • Panhala Fort
  • Sunset point
  • Parashar Caves

** Mattupetty, Kerala ** 

If you are person who enjoys Rains staying indoors and spend romantic and quiet moments, then there is no better set up than this place. Sit indoors, sip a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful view outside in Mattupetty.  Located approximately 13 km away from Munnar, near to the famous Anamudi Peak, the Mattupetty hill town lies at a height of 1,700 meters.


This off-beaten place lies high in the Idukki hills is ideal to enjoy the rains. You can experience continuous rains here, which force you to stay indoors. However, who cares when you get to spend time and enjoy the spell bounded beauty of mother nature. Take leisure strolls and watch the entire region covered under a carpet of green with white waterfalls cascading. The view of the valley from here is breath-taking and one gets to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Top places to visit:

  • Mattupetty Lake
  • Mattupetty Dam
  • Indo Swiss Farm Project

** Mount Abu, Rajasthan ** 

Mount Abu, the only hill station in Rajasthan, is marked by an ambient climate throughout the year. However, during the monsoons, the beauty of the region is brought out in full light.

mount abu 1.jpg
Monsoon Destination: mount abu .jpg

The sight of soaked greenery all around, with the misty mountains as the backdrop, is simply admirable. Further, this time is ideal for engaging in adventurous activities like bird watching, nature walk, or simply taking a stroll.

Top Places to Visit:

  • Nakki Lake
  • Dilwara Jain Temple
  • Mountabu wildlife Sanctuary
  • Toad Rock

** Bhandardara, Maharashtra ** 

This is an idyllic hillside destination to fill your soul with calmness of rains and nature’s beauty. Gushing waterfalls and lush green paddy fields all around is what you can expect in this little town Bhandardara.

Monsoon Destination - wilson-dam-bhandardara-1.jpg

The monsoon season paints the entire hill station green and various waterfalls break out from the hills. This is the best time to witness the sheer beauty of Bhandardara. While it is best to trek to the place, you can also drive down here as it makes for the perfect weekend getaway from cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik.

Top places to visit:

  •  The Arthur Lake
  • Wilson Dam
  • Mount Kalsubai
  • Randha Falls
  • Umbrella Falls

        Suggested by: www.mapcameratravel.com

P.S : Though these destinations are wonderful to visit in monsoons, we request you to check the weather forecasts before planning the trip.

Travelling India in monsoon is marvelous and one of its kind experience. All you would enjoy is grandeur of nature’s beauty. The hills and mountains get carpeted with lush greenery, the lakes surfeit with glittering water, the gushing waterfalls scenes become blissful to make you fall in love with Incredible India.
Which are your favourite destinations to visit in Monsoon in India? Share with us in comments.

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  1. How fantastic! I have never experienced the monsoon. It is something I must see in my lifetime. There is something so majestic about mother nature, the power she has to give and take. Posts like this are fantastic, without them I would not have the first idea of where to go to see this.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep travel blogging. Adventure is better shared with friends!

  2. I have never considered monsoon travel as a thing but I can see it. I love the rainy moodiness of your photos and having fewer crowds (and lower costs) at all of the locations seem really wonderful. I have been living in the rainiest place of my life (Florida) and I am learning that even on rainy days, there are ways to get out and have fun.

  3. I am loving these destination ideas and would love to visit them all. Your photos are amazing and make the place more appealing to visit. Now looking into these destnations as I hope to be in India next year. 🙂

  4. Interesting because normally, the wet or monsoon season is when I try to avoid a destination. I totally agree that it’s the perfect time to curl up with tea and a book, but indoors. Plus it’s hard to get good photos and not ruin my camera equipment. However, I do agree with the lush greenery and waterfalls are always my favorite! Cherrapunji and, of course, Andaman and Nicobar Island would probably be my favorite! But then, I think I would really like Jibhi too since it’s mountainous!

  5. So many beautiful places taht you’ve mentioned but none that I want to be at during a monsoon. Having lived through a few horrific floods, I am very gunshy at rainy seasons. Bhandardara looks amazing! Wow, hopefully I will see these places some day.

  6. Interesting – since everybody has always warned me to go to India during Monsoon season. I even postponed my trip to Sri Lanka to make sure to get there after
    the Monsoon. Being based in Northern Germany, I certainly do not need to travel to get my share of rain, however, your pictures look very alluring.

  7. Being from the PNW where we have a ton of rain I never thought about visiting a location in the monsoon season, but your selection of places all sound like great places to visit. I’m particularly drawn to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Hampi and Saputara.

  8. I’ve been planning to visit the Western Ghats during monsoon for a long time now. It is so lush and the waterfalls are so gorgeous.

  9. I was in India a little before the monsoon and it was so hot….. Normally all the people don´t recommend going in the rainy months, but i see it could be interesting too.

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