8 “Easy on the pocket” markets you shouldn’t miss to visit in Ahmedabad.


The city of elegance and colors, the city of tradition and culture, the city known for its vast textile industries. Yeah! we are talking about “Ahmedabad”. The city known as “Manchester of India” has so much to offer when it comes to shopping. From Denim fancy’s to Bandhani varieties to rich embroidery to hand-block prints and tie-dye work, this city never fails to amuse shopaholics. No matter if you look for Traditional Jewellery, Embroidered Footwears, Art gallery, wall hangings, patola silk sarees, ghagra choli; Trust me ! you will surely be spoilt for choice in Ahmedabad.


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Not only being famous for major shopping malls, Ahmedabad has extraordinary street markets which will fulfill all your shopping wish list. No matter whether you are a tourist or a localite, you must try your hands over these sooqs and go shopping freak without burning your pockets.

Here we list the most “Easy on pocket” markets you must visit in Ahmedabad.

=== Lal Darwaja ===

Lal Darwaja is the most popular shopping area in Ahmedabad for budget and lower priced items. It is one of the busiest market with hand full of hawkers selling various items like clothes, electronic items, wallets, old books, belts etc at very economical price all under one roof. Polish your bargaining skills here to buy the stuff that you want at the lowest cost and shop till you drop.

lal bazar 2

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This market is also famous for lip smacking street food. You can eat lot of variety food here like Pani Puri, samosa, Dhokla, Pan etc to satisfy your taste buds.

Specialty:  Electronic Items, Shoes, Clothing, Bags, Street food.

Budget: Moderate

Insider Tips:

  • Try not to carry or wear valuable and expensive things while visiting this market.
  • Be aware of Pick pockets as this market is very crowded.

=== Dhalgarwad ===

Dhal Garwad is the sweeping shopping market in Ahmedabad and dome for low priced and budget shopping. This market is quite popular for traditional jewellery, traditional fabrics like Bandhej and Silk Patola Saris. you can effortlessly buy some fabulous looking dress materials, chaniya cholis, sarees, and other items without burning your pockets.



This place offers some amazing collection of cotton prints including Mangalgiri, south cotton, Jaipuri prints, Kalamkari and more. Pick your type of clothing here and flaunt your style. Binge and enjoy some great shopping here.

Specialty: Traditional Fabrics, Mirror work Sarees.

Budget: Low and Moderate Budget

Insider tip: Dhalgarwad is bargainers joy, however, you must be careful of low – quality materials.

=== Rani-no-Haziro ===

If you are looking to buy that special Gujarat ‘s shopping treat, this place is must visit. Rani no Haziro (Mughlai Bibi’s Tomb or Tombs of Ahmed Shah’s Queens) is tomb market is famous for traditional Garba jewelry and mirror work ethnic Chaniya cholis.

rani no haziro1

rani no haziro2.jpg

Specialty: Women clothing Traditional Garba clothes.

Budget: Moderate

=== Law Garden Night Market ===

Law Garden market is one of the famous shopping market in Ahmedabad well known for handicrafts. you can also buy beautiful wall hangings, bandhej sarees, chaniya (full long skirt), Jewellery at a very cheap price. The late-night shopping is an enticing attraction for hardcore shopaholics.

law garden3.jpg

law garden 4


Be adamant on bargaining and you will have no place left in your bags with full of accessories, clothes and antique handicraft items. Trailed in the Night, this place is infectious to all the shopping lovers.

Specialty: Handicraft Items, Ethnic Gujarati Costumes

Budget: Moderate

=== Manek Chowk ===

A single market playing 3 different roles at three different times in a day. True! Manek chowk is one of the shopping beauty that Ahmedabad holds which acts a Vegetable market in the morning, Jewellery market in the afternoon and Street food hub in the night. Interesting, isn’t it? 😊

manek chowk1.jpg

manek chowk2.jpg

Manek chowk is a city square in old Ahmedabad & said to be India’s 2nd biggest market with 3million turnover every year. Being in the center of the city, this place is must visit with family and friends and eat some delicious food in the night and for shopping in morning/afternoon. It is widely known for its street food stalls that start evolving around 9:00 to 9:30 pm and continue till late after midnight.

Specialty: Silver Jewelry, Clothing, Vegetables, Sweets, chats.

Budget: Moderate

=== Raipur Gate === 

Guajarati’s are well known for their delicious farsan’s Fried or steamed (snacks). The lanes in the walled city around the Raipur Gate are quite popular to shop for and enjoy Gujarati farsaans. You can enjoy some scrumptious Gujarati snacks here like muthia (vegetarian kebabs), dhokla, khandvi, Patra, fafda jalebi, khakhra, sev khamani, ganthia and few more.

sev khamni.jpg

raipur gate 1
Patra – A Variety of Gujju snack

These are also snacks which you can carry while travelling and savour your hunger.

Specialty: Sev Khamni, Muthia.

Budget: Moderate

=== Ratanpole === 

Ratanpole is one of the famous and main market in Ahmedabad near Teen Darwaja. These street market has lot of shops selling women clothing like dress materials, patola sarees, Bandhni and Tanchoi sarees and Men’s wear like sherwani, Kurta and Traditional Jackets.

colors of Bandhani

You must buy the unique zari embroidery sarees from here and sway your desi swag. This busy shopping street is also famous for Jewellery like necklaces, ear rings, bangles and broches. It is one of the must visit for all the ladies out there to make satisfy your shopping monster.

zari work1
zari work saree – PC – wiki

Specialty:  Zari Embroidery, Bandhani, Tanchoi Sarees

Budget: Moderate, High

=== Sindhi Market === 

No matter what where you head in Ahmedabad, A Visit to Sindhi Market is mandatory for the shopaholics out there. Sindhi market is a faultless destination for a boundless time with your dear ones. Items ranging here from sarees to bed sheets and dress materials to handicrafts and footwear are available all in one marketplace.



You can buy numerous items for your family and friends at one place cheap without feeling broke. The quality of the materials is good and recommendable.

Speciality: Handicrafts, Bedsheets

Budget: Moderate.


With so much to decoy your senses and offer you recreation at its best, get drenched in the spirit of shopping that you get to explore in Ahmedabad.

Do you know any more “easy to pocket” markets in Ahmedabad? Share with us in comments.

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  1. We have never been to India, yet. But, this post makes us wanna travel there. We love these kind of markets. Where you can meet the real culture and traditions, the local delicious food, and clothes with souvenirs that are famous in India, and nowhere else! The pictures are absolutely beautiful, full of colours and vibrant tones! Thank you for writing a good article that keeps inspiring travellers and thanks for your tips: like do not carry valuable things with you.

  2. I’ve actually never heard of these places, so this post really opened my eyes to everything. All of these items look so neat. I always love handmade stuff. And I love to try food in market places like this. Except bugs, I don’t know if I will ever get around to try that.

  3. Having been to India a few times I can definitely say that exploring the markets is an explosion to the senses. It’s one of my favorite things to do when travelling through any country. Haven’t been to Ahmedabad yet, but looks like a lovely place to visit.

  4. I havent heard of this place in India but looks amazing. I dont tend to buy stuff when I am on the road but I am sure this place is a great place for people who love to spend the cash.

  5. The Law Garden market looks perfect place for getting souvenirs and handmade jewellery for friends and family. I love the food you get in markets too, so Raipur Gate looks perfect for me as well. I am assuming that there is a good range of meat and vegetarian options available?

  6. Wow, some of them sound amazing. I think markets are a real insight into a country’s culture, always the top of my travel list when i’m visiting new places!

  7. That makes for a lot of potential shopping in Ahmedabad 🙂 Did you find there was any difference between the quality of traditional hand-crafts (mirror work) available in Kutch and Ahmedabad? And what about the prices?

  8. I hadn’t heard of Ahmedabad before your post, and I’m amazed at how many different markets there are. It sounds like a shoppers paradise! Fantastic photos of the goods available, they really make me want to visit and explore for myself

  9. Look how pretty and colourful these markets in Ahmedabad are 🙂 I could spend days wandering around exploring these markets. My favourite though is Rani-no-Haziro with the traditional women’s clothes.

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