20 Exotic Photos to give you serious wanderlust to visit Maldives – Photo Log



beach view

“The Maldives “– Every travelers dream destination. It is one of the most notorious and one of the most exquisite travel destinations in the world.

Unique first-time experience of Sea Plane ride, waking up to vast pristine blue water glittering in every direction in front of you, Ocean waves breaking at our feet as we wandered across the dazzling white sand beach, Lush green palms sway overhead as we relaxed ourselves, Diving into the crystal-clear ocean, private over-water bungalow, Yes! Our trip to Maldives was a dream come true.

We were in Maldives for 5 days and we left behind all sense of time there, savored some lip smacking food and the most beautiful ocean sunsets to view. And if the stunning views weren’t enough, water sports like snorkeling and kayaking has made our trip more memorable.

We label Maldives as a “Picture-perfect” destination on the planet. Here we share with you 20 exotic photos from our trip that will arouse your wanderlust to visit Maldives.



sea plane1.jpg





beach at night












Its obviously a different experience to see Maldives, So Dont wait, pack your bags and leave !!

Do share with us your favorite beach destination in the comments.

19 comments on “20 Exotic Photos to give you serious wanderlust to visit Maldives – Photo Log”

  1. Wow Maldives is unbelievably beautiful! I don’t think there is a more beautiful island than this. I only need the first photo to give me serious wanderlust about Maldives!

  2. I’ve been to Maldives and I know how gorgeous it is but your pictures actually bring out the best possible, they’re brilliant !! These can be used in brochures to sell the destination believe me, they’re really amazing !

  3. Yes, it does make me wanna go for a while. Take off some stress and forget about busy life.
    Good photos, they make the place really inviting.

  4. It actually works!!! Your pictures are giving me the wanderlust-fever to go to the Maldives! 🙂

  5. I’m here to tell you that you’ve succeeded 100%! Those images have seriously made us want to head to the Maldives right now. How could you not want to? That water looks like something straight out of our dreams, and those luxury huts on the water are insanely beautiful <3

  6. Nature chooses the most amazing colours and you’ve captured them so beautifully here. On a chilly grey night here, those pictures have transported me totally to sunnier climes, and I can almost smell the sea in the air. I’m deeply envious of that seaplane ride too – still on my bucket list!

  7. That’s an amazing picture review of Maldives. Maldives has so amazing sunsets and landscape. It’s a great place to relax and have some good relaxation holiday. Love how you are enjoying the sea view on the deck 🙂

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