15 Smart Airport hacks that every traveler should know


We all just love airports… Yeah?  Nah! They are usually big & confusing with lot of travelers rushing around & busy staff. Luggage management to security to customs to boarding could be pain sometime.We have listed down some smart airport hacks to make your travel a little more smarter and easier.


So, Use these hacks next time you head to the airport.

Airport Hack #1: Set flight info as your home screen 

download (6).jpg

When you book a flight, you receive an email from airline with all your flight details. We like to take a screenshot of it and set it as our home/lock screen on phone so that we don’t have to search it through the emails to get that information at the airport. Try this one.

Airport Hack #2 : Always check-in online


Guys, there are 3 huge reasons why you should do this:

  • It saves time than airport check-in (sometimes airport check-in queues are longer and may take up 15 minutes – 40 minutes), if baggage drop off is a separate queue.
  • If you have tight connecting flight, you can choose a seat as close as you can to the front, which makes sure that you get off the plane first. It will add 5-10 mins extra minutes in your time than supposed if you are back in plane.It makes huge difference, when you are running to catch the other flight.
  • Sometimes some airline carriers overbook the seats. That means, even though you have paid for your seat already, doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you have a seat on your flight. So, by check -in online, you get right to reserve the seat for yourself.

Airport Hack# 3: Arrive Early 

arrive early

One of the tip that we have for you guys, is to reach airport at least 2 hours before your flight takes off. That way you can get away security line early, take care of your luggage, also maybe you get something to eat.

Airport Hack #4: Queue Left


Research suggest that since most people are right -handed , they will naturally prefer right hand lanes. so , when you reach airport security line, rush to left queue.

Airport Hack# 5: Tagging your Luggage


Most bags is of same colors i.e. Red, black and blue. So, if you wanna be able to identify your bag when it is coming around in carousel, just tag it with something you would be able to identifiable like luggage tags, scarfs, small notes etc.

Airport Hack # 6: The Luggage struggle

lugguage.jpgOne of the biggest struggle at the airport is to be walking around with all the suitcases at the same time. The one hack that we learned is, if you pull up both handles of the suitcases and put it back to back, it makes so much easier to handle the luggage. Otherwise, Trolleys are always good option for more than 3 bags.

Airport Hack# 7: Carry an empty water bottle

water bottle.jpg

If you guys have traveled by airplane before, one of the things that they make you do is to throw away the water bottles that you have in your bag. So, we like to pack an empty water bottle so that when we get other side of the security we can fill it up instead of buying an expensive water bottles at the airport. Smart , isn’t  it?

Airport Hack #8: Get Lounge access

dxb lounge.jpg

Now this could be in love with itself. Different airlines have different frequent flier miles. But just it is once you get to certain levels, you get lounge access & it is wonderful. Basically, lounge access is free WIFI, comfortable seats and lot of snacks. Pretty good deal if you are going to be on airport for several hours in layover, lounge access is quite nice. If you are not a frequent flier miles & if you cannot get lounge access, Try & see if you can pay for the lounge access. Certain airline lounges allow you to pay fee to access lounge. It’s usually $ 25-$ 50 fees. But of course, you should see if it’s worth paying the fee, I would suggest if you have layover of more than hour, then probably it’s worth having the lounge access.

Airport Hack #9 : Don’t follow the herd

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Many people jump out of their seat the second they hear the flight boarding announcements. Don’t be one of them. It can take long time before they start boarding people and once you’re in, you’ll be waiting on tarmac for another half hour. Instead of lining up for another queue, it’s best to stay seated and squeeze in some extra work. But when you’re travelling light, you really have no reason to rush.

Airport Hack #10: Take Sanitizer


It’s always smarter to bring sanitizer to the airport because you would be touching a lot of things which millions of people would have also touched them. So, it’s smart to hand sanitize to keep you away from being sick.

Airport Hack# 11: Pack Chewing gum

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When we fly by airplane and air gets clogged to the ears by the pressure. So one of the things that we do to fix this problem, we pack chewing gum, so that our jaws are moving &  ears won’t get clogged up .

Airport Hack# 12: Wear Glasses, Pack contact lenses

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If you are a contact wearer, you know sleeping with contact lenses can irritate your eyes. So, while travelling, wear glasses & pack your contacts. so that as soon as you are off from the plane, you can wear the lenses and you are ready to go.

Airport Hack #13: Pack stuff you will need within easy reach

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It makes lot of sense to pack the stuff that you would need handy probably in hand bag or a backpack. Things like your personal id, passports, boarding pass etc should be easily accessible to avoid digging it later in the bag.

Airport Hack #14: Expect the unexpected

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Sometimes the luggage goes missing, so carry the essentials & spare some clothes in your hand baggage. It really helps.

Airport Hack #15: On Cancellation of Flight

download (4).jpg

If a flight is canceled or overbooked, call the airline’s number instead of getting into a terrifyingly long line. The customer-service representative on the phone can do anything that the gate agent can. Or, even better, call while waiting in line, and work with whichever becomes available first.


Do you have any cool or innovative airport hacks that we missed? Add them in the comments below. Until then, see you at the gate 🙂

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