6 Irresistible reasons to Visit Rann of Kutch


Visit to Rann of Kutch was long pending and we got to visit there 2 years back. Had heard a lot by then about this unique festival and was so much excited to visit this place. And guess what, we were astonished with its beauty and charm.

Ran utsav
Entrance of Rann Utsav

The Rann of Kutch is calm, charismatic & enigmatic. It is situated otherwise deserted village of Dhordo which is 85km from Bhuj. This barely traceable village is the host to the Rann Utsav. It is 3 months long awestruck traditional festival of Kutch, Gujarat, India. A Festival which celebrates Art, Culture and Beauty of Gujarat under one roof.

During Monsoon, The Arabian sea covers this flat land and as temperature rises and summers beacon, water leaving behind the salt marshes. If you close your eyes and imagine emptiness, this would be it. This is the largest area of nothingness on this planet. An inhabitant land with the physical barrier parting India from Pakistan from a far western border.

We Loved Rann Ustav and recommend everyone to put this place in your bucket list. Hence, we are back here to inspire you to have a goal to visit this creative unique spot this year.

Here are the 6 irresistible reasons for you to visit Rann of Kutch this winter:

  1. Experience the Largest Tent City:
Rann 1
Eye Catching Tent City @ Rann Utsav
Rann 4
Tent City View

Purged on arid barren & cracked land, The Rann utsav’s tent city is speckled with colorful stalls and beautiful tents. They look extremely inviting. Along with several blocks of entertainment dining and other activities, more than 350 tents are set up by the White Rann Campaigning and hospitality. Meticulous planning and expert execution is the reason behind this well-planned tent city. These tents are available in 3 categories Premium AC, Deluxe AC and Non-AC. Packages are usually available in 1 night& 2 days & 2 night-3 days only making an ideal destination for weekend.

2. Astonishing Sunrise & Sunset Views:

Rann 2
Sunset @ Rann of Kutch

A 30 mins ride from the Tent city takes you to the different world altogether. Something you have never seen before. Wrinkled, dry, purged, and yearning for attention, the land laid unnoticed for decades. Over the infinite salt pan, when hot mass of a million-orange Sunrise & sunset, It’s the sight to behold. As the sun threatens to set by an endless ocean of white Rann, the ream of salt lays bare as a chill sets in. This is “not-to-miss” wonder. You don’t get chance to experience such beauty anywhere.

3. Full moon celebrations in white sand:

full moon
Full moon night at Rann

This is different experience altogether. Every month on the full moon night, the spectacular sight of boundless white dessert under the moon lights presents the stunning creation of nature unique to this world. The Great Rann of Kutch on a moon lit night is yet another dream come true. The beauty of moon rays falling on this pristine, pure white salt dessert is so mesmerizing. The best way to experience the white Rann is stare into the moon and to sit by yourself and take it all in. For this, make sure you plan your travel dates during this time. Get your tickets and stay booked as early as August and September.

4. Shopping @ Rann :

Shop handhold traditional fans
Tradition attires store @ Rann

The 2 things Rann of Kutch is known for:

1. The flat snow white salt marshes &

2.The kutchi people.

The lack of color in the environment is brought to life by their colorful cloths. The reds, the yellows, the blues embellish not only their attires but also this white dessert.

Gujarat is blessed with rich and vibrant tradition of handicrafts and no wonder then here is the community that’s entirely dependent on that for a living. This is where you can directly buy from the artists themselves so it’s best not to bargain.

From Cloths to Bedsheet, Jewellery to Footwear, glittering mirror work enhances every product. The Rann of Kutch is clearly being a handicraft heaven.

This is needless to say that you would go crazy shopping traditional stuff at Rann Utsav.

5. Cultural Event shows:

rann event
Folk Dance at the Rann Cultural night event

Into the night, Rann of Kutch looks like a bride. The stars come alive and decorative lights invites all passes by.  Every night at the cultural event show, musicians, dancers, comedians, puppeteers, keep the guests entertained. Rustic voices of singers and beautiful kutchi folk melodies fill the air and resonate in your mind.

6. Activities at Rann:

If the traditional flavor gets overwhelming, you can try out whole host of activities’ that can keep you entertained through the day. ATV ride, Paragliding, Cycling are some the interesting things you can do at the Rann. You can also experience adrenaline rush at the Rann of Kutch. team up with your family and friends and try out some of these adventure sports.

ATV ride
ATV Bike Ride @ Rann of Kutch

A flat bed of sand, a mean machine and a runway with no barrier. The sound of rock power cutting the sand of the endless could be addictive. Few words of cautions, wear nice chunky sun glasses and do not dress for the occasion while you choose to do this ride, just that you will have layer of sand on you post the experience.

Paragliding at Rann of Kutch

Paraglide with the open blue skies and get an ariel view of beautiful tent city. As you glide through the winds of Gujarat, soaking in the picturesque view of white Rann of Kutch. I must admit, it will be a phenomenal experience.

Things to Know:

  • Rann Utsav begins this year on 01st Nov 2017 – 20th Feb 2018.
  • Written permission is required to visit the Rann of Kutch. This can be obtained on the way at the Bhirandiyara village. You’ll need to submit a photocopy of your ID, plus show the original.
  • Visit Kala Dungar (Black hill), the highest point in Kutch to experience the panoramic view of White Rann.
  • The old Lakh Pat Fort (140 kilometers from Bhuj) also provides a fabulous view of the Rann of Kutch.
  • Plan your travel such that you reach Rann of Kutch before evening. You can’t afford to miss the sun set here.

The Rann of Kutch leaves any language insufficient to describe its brilliance. The beautiful white dessert & the tent city make it an attractive place for every Indian and every traveler who visits India. Rann Utsav is one of the most unique initiative by the Gujarat Tourism & It will make your experience a flawless one.

Already excited to go?

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  1. We are planning a trip to the Great Rann this winter. Hopefully, we would be able to coincide the trip with one of the full moon nights. I suppose the tented festival will be heavily crowded, so we are thinking of staying a little further away, somewhere more peaceful.

  2. That is quite a hefty list of reasons to go and I am so curious! I have already plans for travel late this year. But I will keep this destination in mind for our future travels!

  3. I love India and have been to a few festivals there. I haven’t heard of Kutch before – really cool to see the breakdown of why people should visit.

  4. I’ve crossed Rann of Kutch when I visited Dholavira. I stopped there for a few pictures and was just mesmerized by the beauty of the never ending white expanse! I still haven’t been to the Rann Festival. Hope I’ll get to go go once…

  5. What an incredible site it must be to see all of the water there during monsoon season then see it all disappear a few weeks later. The tent city looks incredible and it really does look like no detail is spared in the planning. Seeing an incredible sunrise or sunset is definitely on my list.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a completely intriguing and crazy place Rann of Kutch is – a festival on the salt marshes that are only there for a limited time sounds amazing. I’d love to just experience this nothingness that you describe – it sounds so peaceful!

  7. I spent some time in India last year but sadly didn’t quite make it here – looks a great guide, will have to be on my list for next time!

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